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My Happiness Project

Just in case you haven't read much of my blog yet I'll give you a little summary of my life and our ever changing place of residence. 

Oh yes...and my lack of dealing with change in general effectively.

Farm Boy and I got married in June of 2005.  Two days after the wedding he packed me up and carried me away to our home in North Carolina.  We lived there for 2 years.  Me 2 years, him 3 years...but that's another story.  Then...we packed up and moved to Arkansas.  We were was closer to home (Oklahoma)...we loved it there.  But...we only stayed for a year and a half.  Then we moved to Maryland...which is where we are now and have been for 1 year. 

And I am beginning...just now feel the dreaded Moving Funk fade away. 

However, I found this book at the bookstore and thought to myself....

Self, you need more happiness.  You need to get rid of this here Moving Funk once and for all.  Maybe this book will help!

So...I bought it and brought it home.  And here it is...

It has sat on my desk for...awhile.

BUT...I'm pickin it up...dustin it off...and I'm going to starting it this week.

I am sharing this happiness project with you for a couple of reasons.

1. So I'll do it.

2. Someone else might find it helpful.

3. So I'll do it.

The fact of the matter is I need y'all to crack the whip if I don't do it.  And I know you will.  Cause your cool like that. 

So be lookin for a weekly Happiness Project post for the next 52 weeks. 

There may also be daily things I have to do which is why I created a seperate blog for this here project thingy. read the latest update on my quest for more happiness click here...

This is the url...just in case you want that. 

I hope you enjoy it and if you find it helpful...

Please...for the love of happiness tell me!