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Friday, March 11, 2011

Despite the Ugliness of the Day...There is Beauty

I had writer's block yesterday. 

Q-Tip was napping.  I had nothing extremely pressing I had to do.  And...I had writer's block. 

So I did what any other tweeting blogger would do and I tweeted about the fact that I had writer's block.  And then a dear sweet blogger named Jordy tweeted me back and suggested I write about 10 things I am thankful for in this moment. 

Check Jordy's beautiful blog out here.

This was a wonderful idea but I didn't see it until Q-Tip had awaken from her nap.  But...I'm thankful that I didn't see it until then because today I have felt thankful for many things that I would not have thought about being thankful for yesterday. 

The moment I saw the footage this morning of the tsunami waters rolling over Japan my brain became flooded with several different things.  It started with sadness, concern, and fear.  And although the damage and loss of life is great...I am thankful for those that survived.  And I'm thankful that Hawaii and our western shores were spared such tragedy.

I am so saddened for the people of Japan.  I am concerned for their well-being and I am fearful about what other natural disasters we will see in the coming years.  But I'm thankful that I have a God to pray to and ask for His protection and guidance.  I pray that He pours out His blessings and peace on the people of Japan and gives them the strength to rebuild their homes and cities.

I'm thankful for warning systems of natural disasters so that people can prepare and ready themselves for tragedy so that lives can be saved.  And I'm thankful for the men and women that study these things and develop these warning systems...where would we be without them? 

I am thankful for the people that design our homes and buildings so that they can withstand such disasters.  And I'm thankful for emergency responders and military personnel that help to rescue people and save the lives of those trapped or dying.

But in this moment...the thing that I am most thankful for is that when these tragedies happen...the world bands together and helps one another.  And despite the ugliness of the tragedy...the coming together to help our fellow man is a beautiful thing!

Prayers, Blessings, & Love to Japan,


  1. Beautiful - so much to be thankful for!

  2. Thanks Megan!

    And thank you Jordy for the inspiration!!