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Monday, March 28, 2011

A New Normal

If you haven't read this you might not understand this post. 

Sorry...I just don't have it in me to go over it again.

Last week "getting back to normal" just wasn't happening. 

How do you "get back to normal" after a loss anyway?  It's never really "normal" again.  Because "normal" was what it was when they were here with us. 

He wasn't a part of my daily life but I knew him, I spent time with him, he stayed in my home.  For me it won't be a daily routine change like it is for my best friend and her family.  But there are several ways that his passing has changed my life forever. 

It has made me question so many things.  Why are we so far away from home?  What possessed us to live this life?  Why do we think we don't need to be close to our family and friends?  What REALLY matters in life? 

I could go on and on with the questions.  But there are also the realities of life after the funeral is over. 

I have been to many funerals in my life.  Some when I was really too young for it to have a major affect on my life.  I went to some to support family.  Some were uncles or aunts that were older and were ready to go.  But I've never gone to a funeral and really...I mean REALLY thought about the life of that family after the funeral...until now. 

You know what I'm talking about...we've all been to a funeral and then left and gone out to lunch or supper going on about our lives not really thinking too much about the person that is gone or the family that is grieving. 

This past week I have not been able to stop thinking about them.  Especially my best friend.  Her day to day is completely different and always will be. 

I don't mean to say that she will never be happy again.  I know she will and she knows she will.  And I think she is at peace that he is in heaven with so many other loving family members.  It's just the void that he has left behind that it difficult to get past. 

There is also the affect it has had on my own thoughts aside from the questions.   The thoughts of not wanting to go through this anytime soon with my own daddy or daddy-in-law.  They are both so very special to me.  I know they will go one day but it's not time least I don't want it to be time yet.  I don't want to start grieving something that hasn't happened but the thoughts are there. 

Not to mention the thoughts of how easily your life can change forever in the blink of an eye.

Or how much you learn from seeing how supportive others have been of my friend through this.  People have brought food, plates, silverware, napkins, paper towels, toilet paper, trash bags, the list goes on and on.  You wouldn't really think of needing some of those things but when you have a house full of people you go through some toilet paper pretty quick.  Then you's beautiful to see this but it's so very sad that it is having to be done.

And how about really facing the fact that Farm Boy and I need to get a will together.  It's just not something that crosses your mind regularly.  But it has to be done to make it easier for our children and family.  Having a will is more important than I ever thought about it being.

I could go on and on.  But the subject remains...lives were changed when he went to heaven.  And I guess what we need to be looking for is a new normal.  Because the old normal will never be normal again.

Still kinda sad,

P.S.  I'm sorry this is such a sad subject today.  I will find my new normal soon...surely. 

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Overcome With Sadness

This has been a difficult week.

On Monday I received the devastating news that my best friend's daddy had very suddenly passed away. 

He was in good health.  He was only 66.  He was larger than life.

He was a good man and he was loved by many.  He always had a smile and a joke to share and I do believe his favorite thing to do...aside from being with his family...was laugh.

It is very difficult to find words right now.  Words about him, words of comfort, or words of grief simply because it is hard to believe that he is gone.

If you have a moment, please say a prayer for him, his family, and his friends that are grieving.

Rest in Peace Uncle Jimmy.


"Your Girl" is certainly gonna
miss you as well as many others.


Overcome with sadness,

Friday, March 11, 2011

Despite the Ugliness of the Day...There is Beauty

I had writer's block yesterday. 

Q-Tip was napping.  I had nothing extremely pressing I had to do.  And...I had writer's block. 

So I did what any other tweeting blogger would do and I tweeted about the fact that I had writer's block.  And then a dear sweet blogger named Jordy tweeted me back and suggested I write about 10 things I am thankful for in this moment. 

Check Jordy's beautiful blog out here.

This was a wonderful idea but I didn't see it until Q-Tip had awaken from her nap.  But...I'm thankful that I didn't see it until then because today I have felt thankful for many things that I would not have thought about being thankful for yesterday. 

The moment I saw the footage this morning of the tsunami waters rolling over Japan my brain became flooded with several different things.  It started with sadness, concern, and fear.  And although the damage and loss of life is great...I am thankful for those that survived.  And I'm thankful that Hawaii and our western shores were spared such tragedy.

I am so saddened for the people of Japan.  I am concerned for their well-being and I am fearful about what other natural disasters we will see in the coming years.  But I'm thankful that I have a God to pray to and ask for His protection and guidance.  I pray that He pours out His blessings and peace on the people of Japan and gives them the strength to rebuild their homes and cities.

I'm thankful for warning systems of natural disasters so that people can prepare and ready themselves for tragedy so that lives can be saved.  And I'm thankful for the men and women that study these things and develop these warning systems...where would we be without them? 

I am thankful for the people that design our homes and buildings so that they can withstand such disasters.  And I'm thankful for emergency responders and military personnel that help to rescue people and save the lives of those trapped or dying.

But in this moment...the thing that I am most thankful for is that when these tragedies happen...the world bands together and helps one another.  And despite the ugliness of the tragedy...the coming together to help our fellow man is a beautiful thing!

Prayers, Blessings, & Love to Japan,

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

For the Farmer's Wives & Daughters

Awhile back I bought a book for Q-Tip called Growing Up a Country Girl.  It is a collection of book excerpts, poems, quotes, etc.

Growing up a country girl book

It is LOADED with great stuff but there is one piece of writing that struck me the moment I read it.

This is for all the wives, children, and families of famers that feed and clothe our nation.  Trust me when I say...I know what you do day in and day out.  I know the sacrifices you continually make and the struggles you face and I appreciate what you have done and what you continue to do!

It is especially important that whatever will prepare country children for life on the farm, and whatever will brighten home life in the country and make it richer and more attractive for the mothers, wives, and daughters of farmers should be done promptly, thoroughly, and gladly.  There is no more important person, measured in great influence upon the life of the nation, than the farmer's wife, no more important home than the country home, and it is of national importance to do the best we can for both.
~Theodore Roosevelt

Much love from this country girl,

Thursday, March 3, 2011

What to Do In Case of Emergency...AKA...In Case of a Missing Cork Screw

As always I'm providing you with some very useful information today...just in time for the weekend. 

For those of you that limit your wine drinking to the weekend.

For those of you that don't...sorry I didn't post this at an earlier date.

So here we go...

In the event that you are stranded in some cork screw forsaken place with a bottle full of yummy wine...have no fear my friends! 

Farm Boy and my big brother are at your service with a step by step tutorial.

Step 1. Find a long screw of some sort.  Nothing just has to be long.  Very carefully screw it into the cork of the bottle leaving 1-2 inches of screw coming out of the top of the cork.  Do not screw it completely out of the end of the cork inside the bottle. (Pieces of cork could fall into the wine) (Don't ask me how I know this)


Step 2. Find a pair of pliers.  Use the pliers to very carefully pull on the 1-2 inches of screw coming out of the top of the cork.  Let me reiterate...VERY CAREFULLY. (Don't ask me how I know this)


Step 3. Enjoy your wine my friends!


The End.

We are not rednecks...we are resourceful,

P.S.  Not that there is anything wrong with being a redneck. 

P.P.S.  My dear friend Anna just added a very helpful little tidbit...if pieces of cork should fall into your yummy wine, you can use a coffee filter to filter the wine as you pour it into your glass.  Thanks Anna!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Diets Suck...But This One Isn't Horrible

There's been a few changes goin on round here...

Farm Boy and I are on a diet. 

And...diets suck.

The End.

Just kidding...

About it being the end...we really are on a diet and they really do suck.  Although this restrictive as it may be...hasn't sucked quite as bad as most of the diets I've tried in my life. And I've tried a few...or 20.

Farm Boy and I are on the HCG diet.  I'm not going to give you a link because there is tons of stuff on the web about it and I've not found one source that I liked more than another.  And I'm not going to go into what HCG is aside from the fact that it is a hormone that your body produces during pregnancy.  I will tell you basically how the diet works.  So here ya go...

*Pause*  I am no medical professional and if you are thinking about doing this you should talk to your doctor...I'm telling you what we're doing because it's working for us, we're excited about it, and it's my blog and I can do that.  Plus...our family and friends can read about our progress and I won't feel guilty anymore because I haven't updated anyone. we go...

This diet consists of 3 phases.  Phase 1 is a 2 day "loading" phase and you're supposed to eat foods that are high in fat to prepare your body to lose weight.  It kind of tricks the body so that it won't go into starvation mode and hold onto your fat.  Phase 2 is a 23-46 (depending on your needs and wants) day low calorie phase and Phase 3 is a 23 day maintenance phase.

We are using homeopathic HCG drops.  You take the drops 4 times a day 15 minutes before or after you've eaten.  We take them before. 

Along with that you stick to a diet of fish, chicken, or very lean beef, a few types of veggies and a few types of fruit.  You can have as much water, tea or coffee that you like and you're supposed to only use stevia to sweeten your tea or coffee.  There are a few other things you're allotted each day like a tablespoon of milk for coffee but we haven't really used it. is where you're gonna freak...your only allowed to eat 500 calories a day during phase 2.

I know that sounds completely ridiculous...I thought it was for a long time which is why I paid no attention to this diet.  But then a couple of my friends did it and said that it wasn't like I thought it would be.  AND THEY WERE RIGHT!!

The concept of the diet is that while you only eat 500 calories a day...your body is actually burning much more than that. It's burning the fat calories that you already have on your body. The HCG tells it to do that, suppresses hunger, and keeps your body from going into starvation mode.

(At least that is how I understand it all)

We eat a piece of fruit in the morning; have a piece of meat and a veggie at lunch, another piece of fruit in the afternoon and another piece of meat and a veggie for supper.  And in the meantime we drink water...or in my case water and tea...out the ass hiney all day.

We have been doing this for 7 days now and it is important for me to point out that we do not feel hungry aside from normal hunger at mealtimes and we are still fully functioning and totally normal. 

And after 7 days I have lost 10 lbs and Farm Boy...the little sucker...has lost 20.  20 LBS in 7 days!!!  I'm not even joking. 

I guess it should be shocking that I lost 10 lbs in 1 week but for some reason it's a little overshadowed by TWENTY...2-0...TWENTY!!

I'm so happy and proud of him for it though!!  Really...I am!

Little sucker. 

Anywho...there are a lot of details that I haven't gone into like that you can't mix two types of veggies at one meal...stuff like that.  But it works and it works fast.  And I'm the kinda girl that needs to see results 5 minutes ago or I lose patience.  Hence the reason I haven't been successful at a "work out & eat right" diet.  It takes too long!  And there are too many variables.  With this we've got a list of what we can eat and we know how much we can have...boom...we're done. only have to do the hard part for 23-46 days.  I can do anything for that long...right?  RIGHT!! 

(at least that is what I tell myself when I want a piece of cheese)

Honestly though...I have had the LEAST amount of cravings on this diet than I have ever had and I've had the MOST will power.  It's really been a surprise.  Cause listen...I am the most sweet craving, cookie, ice cream, cake, dessert eating person you'll ever meet.  I LOVE sweets and sometimes my cravings are ridiculous.  But so far...I'm holding strong this time. 

It could be where I'm at in my life and the fact that I know something HAS to change now and I can't keep going down the Cookie Lane and live the life I want to live,  But really...whatever it is...I'm just glad that we are moving in the right direction and that this is working for us.

As my friend Jenn says...

Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels,

P.S.  I MUST point out that I could not be doing this alone.  If my Farmer Boy wasn't eating chicken and asparagus right alongside me I fear I wouldn't have made it this far.  In other words...I'm totally channeling his strength and will power cause I'm a dieting pansy.