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Thursday, February 10, 2011

A Few Confessions on a Thursday

As I was getting ready for a play date this morning I knew that it was written in the stars that I confess a few things to you today.

1. I'm wearing a pair of Farm Boy's socks today for two reasons.
  • They were the first thing I grabbed off the mountain of to-be-folded laundry that now resides on my bedroom floor.
  • I'm S & T of being cold and for some reason wearing something that belongs to Farm Boy makes me feel warmer.
2. I have been in a constant state of pony tails and ball caps this week.  That's right...I haven't officially fixed my hair since last Saturday morning.  Oh I've washed it...I just haven't fixed it.

3. All day yesterday I remained in complete denial about two things.
  • We still live in Maryland and have no plans to move.
  • It's winter and it's freezing cold outside.
4. My ability to stay in denial yesterday was aided by three things.
  • I played my Hawaiian Style Volume 5 CD that I bought in Hawaii all day.
  • I pretended we were moving to Hawaii and even contemplated announcing it on Facebook and Twitter.
  • I didn't leave the house or open any of the blinds all day.  I was afraid it would kill the dream.
5. The to-be-folded laundry situation in this house is horrific.  It's quite possible that it has never been this bad.  I'm truly ashamed.  And yet...I'm blogging instead of folding.

6. I want to have "Aloha" tattooed on my wrist.  For real..

7. I'm determined to replace my Facebook profile picture everyday with a different picture from Hawaii until the snow has completely melted away and is gone. It's my way of boycotting winter.

8. I wish my mom or my grandma was here to fold my laundry, bake cookies and clean my kitchen.

9. Farm Boy is working copious amounts of overtime right now and all I can think about is selling everything, moving back to Oklahoma, and starting a herd of cattle.  Oh...and raising my own chickens for eggs. 

10. We don't really eat that many eggs but I don't care.  For some reason I just really want to have my own chickens so I don't have to buy eggs. 

11. We recently started enforcing child labor in our home. Q-Tip helped me clean out the dishwasher last night was awesome.

12. My need to have my own chickens might have something to do with wanting to yell at my children when they are idly whining or fussing to....Go get the eggs from the chicken coop!!  It just seems like a very natural and cool thing to do.

13. I bought a new 4-pack of OPI nail polish from their new Texas collection Monday.  It has three new colors in it and one bottle of top coat in it.  I've currently got Austin-tatious Turquoise on my thumb, I Vant to be A-Lone Star on my first finger and Do You Think I'm Tex-y? on my middle finger. And...I currently have no plans of taking it off.

I'm stopping my list of confessions at 13 because I can.  And because my OCD can just build a freakin bridge and get over it!  HA!

Aloha and Maholo for stopping by,


  1. sending you lots of warmth from sunny arizona...

    ...but i'm originally from texas and am dying to get my hands (literally) on the opi line! where do you find it?

  2. THANK YOU, thank you...from the bottom of my freezing cold heart!!

    I found it at Ulta and I LOVE it!