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Friday, February 25, 2011

Confession on a Friday

1. So ya know that 4-pack of OPI nail polish I bought the last time I confessed

2011-02-07 13.03.59

Aren't the colors pretty?

The confession is...I haven't used them yet.  Aside from the initial single coat of each color on three of my nails to test them out. 

As tragic as it is that I haven't used any of the new colors...I have however taken that single coat of all three colors off of my three fingers.  That's a plus right?

2. I will spare you a picture of this confession but I feel I must confess it. 

The heels of my feet look like a typical day in the dryest dessert during the worst drought imaginable. 

I'm not sure how this happens.  It seems I just buffed and lotioned them yesterday.  But apparently it was sometime last year.

Not really...but maybe.

3.  Farm Boy and I started a diet a week ago.  One of the stipulations of the diet is that you can't drink any coke...not even diet.  Things are going well...even with this stipulation...and I may go against my original decision to blog about it and spill the beans.  But the thing I need to confess today is...I very well could find it within myself to murder someone for one of these...

2010-12-31 10.09.53_Harrah_Oklahoma_US

Filled with Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr Pepper.

I'm leaving you with just 3 confessions today dear friends because Q-Tip is about to wake up, we have to go pick up Farm Boy at the car-pool lot so we can run errands, and I can't stand looking at the picture of that big, cold, luscious Sonic coke anymore!



  1. after seeing your initial post, and being a native Texan, i went out and bought that nail color set! i've been sporting the lone star color all week and LOVE it. just paint your nails already...

  2. No joke...isn't that ridiculous! Everytime I think about doing it I don't have the time to sit and wait for them to dry properly so I keep saying I'll do it later. Pathetic!! lol... I really LOVE the colors. Matter of fact...I'm not sure I'm going to keep from getting a few of the other colors in the collection.

  3. How about painting one nail a day? A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do, right?