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Friday, February 25, 2011

Confession on a Friday

1. So ya know that 4-pack of OPI nail polish I bought the last time I confessed

2011-02-07 13.03.59

Aren't the colors pretty?

The confession is...I haven't used them yet.  Aside from the initial single coat of each color on three of my nails to test them out. 

As tragic as it is that I haven't used any of the new colors...I have however taken that single coat of all three colors off of my three fingers.  That's a plus right?

2. I will spare you a picture of this confession but I feel I must confess it. 

The heels of my feet look like a typical day in the dryest dessert during the worst drought imaginable. 

I'm not sure how this happens.  It seems I just buffed and lotioned them yesterday.  But apparently it was sometime last year.

Not really...but maybe.

3.  Farm Boy and I started a diet a week ago.  One of the stipulations of the diet is that you can't drink any coke...not even diet.  Things are going well...even with this stipulation...and I may go against my original decision to blog about it and spill the beans.  But the thing I need to confess today is...I very well could find it within myself to murder someone for one of these...

2010-12-31 10.09.53_Harrah_Oklahoma_US

Filled with Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr Pepper.

I'm leaving you with just 3 confessions today dear friends because Q-Tip is about to wake up, we have to go pick up Farm Boy at the car-pool lot so we can run errands, and I can't stand looking at the picture of that big, cold, luscious Sonic coke anymore!


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Things That Now Excite Me...In List Form

Just this morning I was talking with my neighbor who is a first time mom to a 6 month old little girl. 

We were chatting about motherhood and things of that nature when she said something like...oh the things that excite me these days.  To which I said...NO JOKE! honor of motherhood and first time moms everywhere who have a LONG list of things to be excited about...

Wait...let me re-phrase that.

In honor of parenthood and first time parents everywhere who have a long list of things they never thought they would be or could be excited about...

Here's a list of things that have had me shouting HALLELUJAH since I became a mother.

1. Poop

When Q-Tip was born there was much focus on her first poop and when it would happen.  When it happened we were all excited and cheering that she had pooped.  And then there was focus on her next poop and how many times a day she was pooping.  And what was the poop like?  It seems there was no other way to determine if she was getting enough food when breastfeeding than to focus on the poop.  And when we finally got all the feeding stuff squared away and she was pooping regularly...we were excited and cheering again.  As she got older there were days of no poop and then we would wonder...why hasn't she pooped?  Oh God, is she constipated?! She needs to poop, where is the poop?  And now that she is 2 and we have started the process of potty has become THANK YOU LORD JESUS SHE POOPED IN THE POTTY!!! 

You have nothing to do but to cue the Hallelujah Chorus on this one!

2. Pee

Refer to item number 1. Insert the word "pee" where all the "poop" words are.

3. Eating

Once again...when Q-Tip was born I was bound and determined to breastfeed.  And imagine my excitement when she "latched on" right away with no problems.  But imagine my disappointment when I tried everything under the sun to boost my milk production and nothing worked.  Then came the task of finding a formula that would "work". We went through countless brands and types before finding out that she had Milk and Soy Protein Intolerance and needed a special kind of formula. And when I say "special"...I mean expensive.  But...imagine how excited we were to finally get the food thing straightened out and the reflux thing straightened out and she was eating like she was supposed to be.  And then came time for solids and the anxiety rose again.  What if she has allergies?  What if she won't eat the solids? What if, what if, what if.  Needless to say we are past that stage at 2 years old but now we are onto the wonderful stage of...she doesn't like peas today but she loved them yesterday.  Oh and the beautiful stage of...grilled cheese sandwiches everyday for a week.  And the LOVELY stage of mealtime temper-tantrums because she wants french fries and we have drawn a line in the sand.  So with all that...imagine the excitement when she sits down and eats at least one bite of everything you've put on her plate.  Ahhhh bliss!

4. Sleep

Sleep...precious, precious sleep.  The excitement you feel when your baby sleeps through the night for the first time is immense.  Of course the horror you feel when you wake up and realize you haven't heard a peep from them in 6 or 8 hours is a bit unsettling but it fades quickly into the euphoria of 6 to 8 hours of pure and precious, un-interrupted sleep.  Then comes the excitement of your new baby sleeping in her crib and the biggie...putting herself to sleep.  And finally...when your toddler starts STAYING and sleeping in her toddler bed...immeasurable delight!

5. Movement

Some may argue with this item on the excitement list but I've never been the kind of mom that doesn't want my child to progress when they are supposed to.  Not that there is anything wrong with that.  Even though a pulling up, crawling baby means more vigilance and essentially work we were excited with each new milestone.  So, when Q-Tip started rolling over, pulling up, crawling and walking we were thrilled.  Who would have thought 10 years ago that we would have been THAT excited about something moving on its own?  Well...we were.  Thrilled!

6. Noise

Now how can one be excited about noise?  Well, I will tell you.  When you become a parent and your baby starts making those precious little cooing sounds you feel excitement down deep in your soul because you know that your baby is normal.  But when they start babbling, talking, and singing...that is when the true excitement begins.  And even I sit typing this...I am listening to Q-Tip in her bed...not napping...singing Frosty the Snowman and it excites me.  Well sort of. 

And now she is yelling...mama, go play!  Mama...where ARE you?  Mama...go play!  Wanna go play mama!! 

Guess nap time...AKA blog over and I will have to continue my list at a later date.  Or maybe tomorrow.

Ahhh the joys,

P.S.  On my continued list I won't go into the joy of her calling out from her bed saying...

Mama...need to go potty! 

And you run in and realize, too late...she peed in her bed.

Nah...I won't go into that one.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Remembering Presidents

Because today is President's Day...

And because my Farmer Boy is home with me...

I dug around in the attics of the internet and found some really great quotes by former Presidents that lived, loved, or respected the life of a farmer or rancher in America.



"Cultivators of the earth are the most valuable citizens. They are the most vigorous, the most independent, the most virtuous, and they are tied to their country and wedded to its liberty and interests by the most lasting bonds."

 "Agriculture is our wisest pursuit, because it will in the end
contribute most to real wealth, good morals, and happiness."

~Thomas Jefferson

"Farming looks mighty easy when your plow is a pencil and
you’re a thousand miles from the corn field."

"The proper role of government, however, is that of partner with the farmer--never his master. By every possible means we must develop and promote that partnership--to the end that agriculture may continue to be a sound, enduring foundation for our economy and that farm living may be a profitable and satisfying experience."

~Dwight Eisenhower

"Every man is proud of what he does well...his heart is in his work and he will do twice as much of it with less fatigue...The man who produces a good, full crop will scarcely ever let any part of it go to waste. He will gather it in due season and store it in perfect security."

~Abraham Lincoln

"I know of no pursuit in life in which more real and important services can be rendered to any country than by improving its agriculture, its breed of useful animals, and other branches of a husbandman's care."
“It will not be doubted that with reference either to individual
or national welfare, agriculture is of primary importance.”

"I had rather be on my farm than be emperor of the world"
~George Washington


Our farmers deserve praise, not condemnation; and their efficiency should be cause for gratitude, not something for which they are penalized.”
~President John F. Kennedy


“I do not believe there ever was any life more attractive to a vigorous young fellow than life on a cattle ranch in those days. It was a fine, healthy life, too; it taught a man self-reliance, hardihood, and the value of instant decision…I enjoyed the life to the full.” ~Theodore Roosevelt


And one more by a man that ran for President but lost.  However, I loved it and couldn't leave it out.
“Burn down your cities and leave our farms, and your cities will spring up again as if by magic; but destroy our farms and the grass will grow in the streets of every city in the country.”

– William Jennings Bryan

Happy President's Day,

Friday, February 18, 2011

Sugar, Spice, & John Deere Tractors...Say Wha?

When the sweet little poem was written about little girls and what they're made of I think the writer left a few things out. 

Mainly because I have found that my little girl is made up of much more than sugar, spice, and everything nice. 

Although I'm sure some would say that horses, cows, pigs, tractors, and the like...are all nice things. 

I would some degree.

But Q-Tip...I think she would agree wholeheartedly.

Lately she has taken an interest in some of her daddy's tractors.  She's always enjoyed playing with them but she has REALLY taken a liking to one lately, his John Deere 4620.


We have to take this tractor all over the third floor with us.

I'm sure she would have it all over the house but I fear her landing on it at the bottom of the stairs wouldn't turn out well.

So...we take it to the bathroom for bath time.  She takes it with her to her evening blow dry.  She takes it up onto the changing table to put on her jammies and fix her hair.  And I know...that we are merely days away from her asking to take it to bed with her.

This all wouldn't be so much of a problem if she weren't insistent upon having the John Deere 348 Square Baler attached. 


It makes it rather difficult to handle.

But it's a must.

So we haul it around or square bale the carpet on the way to take a bath.

Pretty soon I'm afraid we're going to have to tell some of her other favorite critters to move over for John. 


Or maybe we'll just build a little barn for John beside her bed.  John's not quite as soft and plush as Baby Anna, Baby Honu, Frosty, and Horsey.

My little girl is made of so much more,

Thursday, February 17, 2011

A Letter to Ree

Dear Ree,

Since I found your blog a little over a year ago I have read many times that you were a city girl thrust into the country after falling in love with Marlboro Man.

But...I must say that I never fully understood how much of a city girl you were.

I knew you were from Oklahoma...which is my home state as well and it made me think...she's from Oklahoma, how much of a city girl could she really be.

However...after reading Black Heels to Tractor Wheels I see now that you were very much a city girl living in unknown territory of ranch life in the middle of the Oklahoma prairie. But it didn't really sink in until Chapter 29, when you write about how you wondered if your child would know the fun of sledding down a hill. And how you had lived on the ranch for 5 months and you were just beginning to wrap your mind around the way daily life unfolded...wake up early, work, eat, relax, and go to bed.

And for some reason...after reading that...I fully understood what was going on in your mind. I fully realized how everything about this new place was unknown to you and how "out of place" you must have felt at times.

For me...moving to a ranch in the middle of the Oklahoma prairie would be like putting on an old, familiar, and very comfortable pair of boots. But for was quite the opposite.

And then...just as all of this is sinking in...I realized something about myself. I realized that I am very much where you were when you moved to the ranch. I feel extremely "out of place" and very much out of my comfort zone.

The love I have for my Farmer Boy has taken me from Oklahoma and moved me to three different states I never thought I would have lived in. The first two weren't that difficult but this third one...well; let’s just say there might as well be a mountain lion sitting on top of my car ready to devour me. It is very different from Oklahoma in so many ways. Much like the ranch was for you.

I can easily see how one could grow accustomed to life on a ranch and learn to love it considering that way of life is more in my blood that this city living ever could be. I can not see how I will learn to love living here but I am inspired by you...

To at least try harder to grow accustomed to it instead of continuing to resist it.

To try harder to focus on the love I have for my Farmer Boy rather than the stress, traffic, and busy-ness of where we currently live.

To focus on the fact that this isn't going to be forever and that no matter how much I feel like there is no light at the end of the tunnel...there really is. It will be over one day and we'll be back somewhere closer to where we feel we belong.

To dig down deep and find that pioneer woman spirit that I think most Oklahoma women have and get through this difficult time with grace and poise.

I hope that one day you will know...

How much your photography makes me homesick, proud, and happy all at the same time.

How your writing has made me laugh during some of my darkest hours.

How your story has given me the determination to keep searching for myself and my place in the world while also being a wife and mother.

Thanks for all that!


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My Heart Strings

Lately I've felt as though my heart strings are pulling me in a westward direction.

Wait...let me rephrase that.

Lately I've felt as though my heart strings are yanking me in a westward direction.

I can't put my finger on the exact reason. 

Whether it be because I want many, many things for Q-Tip that living farther west would give her.  Or that I am like a fish out of water on the East coast. 

I simply can't put my finger on it. 

I'm sure it is all of my reasons put together but I can't help but wonder if we lived a little further west...would I even be having these yanking feelings?  Or would I be absolutely fine with where we were.

However I will say this...if we lived a little farther west instead of a lot farther west I'm certain that our lives would not involve cows.  Or a large chunk of land on a prairie somewhere. Or tractors.  Or getting up at the crack of dawn to do the chores. 

Hmmm...maybe I need to think about this for a minute.  Me and the crack of dawn don't always get along.

Even still...I just can't help myself.  The yanking that I am feeling involves all of those things. 

It doesn't have much to do with another house in a town that we've never been to, in a state we've never lived in. 

It involves a home, on some land, with some cows, in a place that we feel fits us.  Or should I say...that we fit in. 

Or's all because I can't wear my pink boots here without getting stared at like I'm a loony.

I really like pink,

Monday, February 14, 2011

A Valentine to My Valentine

My Dearest Farmer Boy,
I'm sorry that I forgot to get a card for you from Q-Tip.  But I love you for remembering to get me a card from Q-Tip.

I'm sorry that when you come home tonight my hair won't be fixed, I won't have on make-up, and I will be in my yoga pants and a t-shirt.  But I'm so thankful that you still call me beautiful.

I'm sorry that I'm not a very good cook.  But everyone are WAY better at it than I am anyway.

I'm sorry that I don't like living in Maryland.  But I will live here forever if that's what it takes to be with you.

I'm sorry that you had to dig your boxer shorts out of the mountain of to-be-folded laundry for a few days.  But I'm so thankful that you don't complain and that you love me anyway.

I'm sorry that our bathroom counter is full of my hair dryer, flat iron, hair product, and perfume. But you put a smile in my heart when you helped me clean the kitchen last night and pick up around the house.

I'm sorry that I complain about your piles of receipts that you don't shred regularly.  But if those piles mean that I am near you...go ahead and start another one.

I'm sorry for all of the little things that I do that may get on your nerves.  But thank you for being my Farmer Boy and no one else's.

You will forever be the one that makes my heart skip a beat...even by simply putting your hand in the small of my back.

Love Forever and Ever Amen,

Friday, February 11, 2011

A Gift To You...Because I'm Out of Blogging Time

Because I've been shopping for a birthday present for my wonderful sister-in-law for the last 1.5 hours...

Because I found the perfect present for my sister-in-law...

Because I can't believe it took me so long to think of ordering her said present...

Because it's Friday and Farm Boy will be home from work any minute...

I give you this...

And this...

And this...

Happy Friday everyone! 

Hope y'all have a wonderful, warm, and snow free weekend!

Still boycotting winter,

Thursday, February 10, 2011

A Few Confessions on a Thursday

As I was getting ready for a play date this morning I knew that it was written in the stars that I confess a few things to you today.

1. I'm wearing a pair of Farm Boy's socks today for two reasons.
  • They were the first thing I grabbed off the mountain of to-be-folded laundry that now resides on my bedroom floor.
  • I'm S & T of being cold and for some reason wearing something that belongs to Farm Boy makes me feel warmer.
2. I have been in a constant state of pony tails and ball caps this week.  That's right...I haven't officially fixed my hair since last Saturday morning.  Oh I've washed it...I just haven't fixed it.

3. All day yesterday I remained in complete denial about two things.
  • We still live in Maryland and have no plans to move.
  • It's winter and it's freezing cold outside.
4. My ability to stay in denial yesterday was aided by three things.
  • I played my Hawaiian Style Volume 5 CD that I bought in Hawaii all day.
  • I pretended we were moving to Hawaii and even contemplated announcing it on Facebook and Twitter.
  • I didn't leave the house or open any of the blinds all day.  I was afraid it would kill the dream.
5. The to-be-folded laundry situation in this house is horrific.  It's quite possible that it has never been this bad.  I'm truly ashamed.  And yet...I'm blogging instead of folding.

6. I want to have "Aloha" tattooed on my wrist.  For real..

7. I'm determined to replace my Facebook profile picture everyday with a different picture from Hawaii until the snow has completely melted away and is gone. It's my way of boycotting winter.

8. I wish my mom or my grandma was here to fold my laundry, bake cookies and clean my kitchen.

9. Farm Boy is working copious amounts of overtime right now and all I can think about is selling everything, moving back to Oklahoma, and starting a herd of cattle.  Oh...and raising my own chickens for eggs. 

10. We don't really eat that many eggs but I don't care.  For some reason I just really want to have my own chickens so I don't have to buy eggs. 

11. We recently started enforcing child labor in our home. Q-Tip helped me clean out the dishwasher last night was awesome.

12. My need to have my own chickens might have something to do with wanting to yell at my children when they are idly whining or fussing to....Go get the eggs from the chicken coop!!  It just seems like a very natural and cool thing to do.

13. I bought a new 4-pack of OPI nail polish from their new Texas collection Monday.  It has three new colors in it and one bottle of top coat in it.  I've currently got Austin-tatious Turquoise on my thumb, I Vant to be A-Lone Star on my first finger and Do You Think I'm Tex-y? on my middle finger. And...I currently have no plans of taking it off.

I'm stopping my list of confessions at 13 because I can.  And because my OCD can just build a freakin bridge and get over it!  HA!

Aloha and Maholo for stopping by,

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

My Very First Ever...Crafting Tutorial - Hooded Towels

One of my most favorite things ever is doing crafts.  Any kind of crafts really...I love them all. 

Which also means...I love homemade things.  I love giving them and getting them.  There's just something very personal about it for me.  Knowing that the person spent their time making something for me or my family makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. 

Having said all that it only seems natural that I would share some of the things that I like to make with you.

For my very first ever crafting tutorial I'm going to show you how to make hooded towels.

I received two of these towels as a baby gift before Q-Tip was born and we have used the daylights out of them! They are regular sized adult towels but we started using them when she was a baby because they were so much more absorbent than baby towels. I loved them so much I sat down and tried to figure out how to make them.  And I did.

Here we go!

Hooded Towels for Babies, Toddlers, and Kids
The materials you will need to make 2 hooded towels are as follows:

1 - standard size hand towel - Some hand towels come in 2 separate sizes...the larger size is the one I am talking about which seems to be the most common.

2 - bath towels

1 - roll of ribbon of your choice or - 17 inch cutting of ribbon if you prefer to buy ribbon sold by the yard

1 - spool of thread to coordinate with your ribbon choice

1 - spool of thread to coordinate with your towel color

1 - measuring tape



And any embellishments such as buttons, sequins, or patches if you choose to add those.

And your sewing machine.  Sadly...this is not a no sew project.

Step 1

Fold your hand towel in half and cut into 2 pieces.

Step 2
Cut 3 inches off the CUT side of your hand towel.100_6308

Step 3
Cut a 17 inch piece of ribbon from your roll and lay across the un-cut end of your hand towel.  Leave a 1/2 - 1 inch edge extra on either end.100_6310

Step 4
Sew the ribbon onto your hand towel leaving about a 3 inch edge on the UN-cut side. Make sure to cover the decorative strip across the towel with your ribbon to hide it.

Use a straight stitch on your sewing machine and the thread that matches your ribbon to sew the ribbon on to the towel.

Step 5
Fold your hand towel in half with the cut edge on one end and the un-cut edge on the other and the ribbon side on the inside of the fold.

Like this...but the opposite.

Using the thread that matches your towel sew up the CUT edge of your hand towel with a zigzag stitch.  Shown here...100_6313

FYI...if you use a straight stitch on the terry fabric of the towel the towel could pull apart rather easily.  I've found that the zigzag stitch works the best on this fabric.

When you are finished it will look like this...

Step 6
You are now ready to sew your hand towel...which is now a hood...onto your big towel. 

Fold your big towel in half and place a pencil mark at the halfway point.

Match the middle seam at the back of your hood with your pencil mark and use straight pens to attach your hood.100_6315

Step 7
Using either a straight stitch or zigzag stitch sew the hood onto the towel.100_6316

And're done!100_6317


My preference is to personalize the towel for the recipient and sometimes add a little cuteness to it.  I don't have my own embroidery machine...although I would like I found a local woman that does it out of her home for $7 which I feel is totally worth having a personalized gift for someone.  I found the buttons at Wal-Mart and I have found that just the ribbon and 3-4 buttons is cute as well.  The possibilities are really endless.


I hope you enjoyed my very first ever crafting tutorial!  If you decide to make some hooded towels and have questions please feel free to email me at or send me a tweet.

I'm off to play my Hawaiian CD I bought in Hawaii and pretend its summer!

I love the ukulele,

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

My Not-So-Secret...Secret

If you know me personally this isn't going to be big news to you.  But I've been a little reluctant to share it here.

Mainly because I didn't want it to take over my blog and I don't want y'all to get sick and tired of hearing it.  And I don't want my feelings on the matter to offend anyone.

But I sorta feel like it can't be hidden any longer.  And after all...this is my blog.  And I can do what I want on my own dang blog.  Right?  RIGHT! here goes...

I do not like living in Maryland. all.

Now...having said that I must say...every trip that I have ever made into Washington D.C. to site see has been great!  We have had no problems.  I have enjoyed every minute of seeing all the wonderful things there are to see out here and I truly feel that we have barely touched the tip of the ice berg.

But living here is a whole other breed of cattle.

We are used to living in wide open spaces with lots of roads and highways to get to where we need to go.  That's not so much the way things are here. 

We are used to living in single family homes with at least a driveway but also a garage.  Here we are in a townhouse with no yard, no driveway, and no garage.

We are used to be able to go where we want when we want.  Here you plan your life around rush hour and you don't necessarily go anywhere that is more than about 15 miles away for fear of being caught in horrific traffic for hours on end simply because someone is changing a flat tire on the side of the road.

There are a multitude of reasons and now that I have gotten this off my chest I feel a little more at ease about sharing them with you in the future.  As my need to bang my head against the wall arises.

Farm Boy feels much the same way I do about the area although he LOVES his job which has made it easier for him I believe.  I am truly grateful for that.

But for here and finding happiness here has been one of the most challenging times of my life.

I've been working really, really hard to find happiness here.  Maybe not doing the types of things some people think I should and maybe not working as hard as some people think I should work.  But trust me when I say...I have been doing what I feel I can do and trying as hard as I feel that I can try.

I'm trying to keep in mind that this is only a season and that it will not last forever.  And this one thought alone has been what has kept me moving forward.

But in the last couple of weeks I feel like I'm losing the battle which is a really weird feeling to have because how can I lose it?  What does losing it mean?  I have no idea. 

I'm telling you all of this because a) I feel like I have a million things to say about this and I need to get them off my chest b) I am not feeling very funny these days and c) I'm not really feeling much like myself at all.  I guess you could say that I'm having some issues with the "D" word and I'm kinda, sorta, hoping that if I am able to exercise the un-happiness demons here on my blog, it will help me feel better.

Of course I don't know that it will help and it may just make things worse. 

In that sad case, you will find me sitting in traffic with a crying toddler, somewhere in Maryland, screaming at the top of this country girl's lungs!!!

Feeling a little optimistic,

P.S.  To the awesome people that live here and love it...please don't be offended.  There are a lot of neat things about this area and I have loved learning about them.  But for this Oklahoma here is like biting off a bit more than I can chew.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Excuse Me for a Moment Life...I Need to Blog

It's been awhile!  And that little part of my brain that blogging makes happy...most definitely knows it.

The past few months have been good, bad, and everything in between.

When I say good I, happy, exciting, and just what my soul needed.

When I say bad...I really mean...stressful, anxiety ridden, and sometimes scary.

The good news is...I've got forever to fill you in on everything.  Isn't that great?

Well...maybe I should say that I have forever pending the simple fact that Q-Tip takes her afternoon nap.  Which is my one and only blogging time of the day.  Which is what interfered with my blogging to begin with. 

FYI...if your child is on Prevacid for reflux...don't take her off...just keep her on it forever. 

Maybe I should elaborate.

Q-Tip has been on Prevacid since she was about 2 months old.  We attempted to take her off of it when she turned 1, again at 1 1/2, and again at 2.  I thought surely that by 2 she would be fine so I gave it a little more time with this go round.  We had a few pills left so we stuck with giving her a nighttime pill and took away her morning one.  About 4 or 5 days in she quit taking her afternoon nap.  She also assumed the attitude of a PMSing teenager and started mutilating pacifiers by nawing on them with a vengeance.  Oh yes...and guzzling water like a camel that's been in the dessert for a month.

I called the doctor and he said...lets just give it a little more time.  I...rather POed...said fine and called my friend back to tell her what the doctor said.  She then proceeded to knock some sense into my foggy brain.  I called the doctor back and told him I was going to take her to a Pediatric GI and I needed another prescription of Prevacid until we went.  He...I think a little POed...said fine. 

We went to our appt with the Ped GI and I...expecting to hear that she still has reflux, here's some more the wind knocked out of my sails.  We had to do some blood work and possibly a couple other tests...pending the results of the blood get to the root of the problem.  If there isn't anything major then she could possibly just have reflux but considering her's unlikely.  We don't have any results or any major plans yet.  We are supposed to have a follow-up with the doctor in a couple of weeks.  I'm hoping and praying, praying and hoping for some good news! 

Good news that would not require surgical procedures or anesthesia.

Anywho...that's been a good portion of the last couple of months.  In a nutshell.

Attempting to put down the anxiety,

P.S. I went to Ulta for some hair product today and came out with some new OPI nail polishes from their new TEXAS Collection!  I'm thinkin that the new Austin-tatious Turquoise is just the thing I need for anxiety fighting and kicking some mom blob ass!! 

I'll let you know how it works out.