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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Must Have Baby Stuff - The Secrets of the Baby Whisperer

It seems like every other week another friend of ours has found out they are pregnant, getting ready to or have just had a baby, or celebrating their baby's first birthday. 

I am humiliated to say that I am just now getting around to making a gift for one friend that had their baby back in the summer...ridiculous I know.  It's the thought that counts though right?  RIGHT!

Anywho...with all these babies everywhere I thought I would tell y'all about a book...or books rather...that I found out about through a friend.  This book...or books...saved Farm Boy and I from an extended stay in Crazyville.  More than once!  Matter of fact I still fall back on these books.  They are really priceless.

First of all I must say that Farm Boy and I are planners.  We are book readers.  We are the type that needs to have things in order and if they aren't then we're going to figure out how to get them in order.  We aren't necessarily "fly by the seat of our pants type people".  And although there is absolutely nothing wrong with that...we just don't work that way.  We need a schedule.  We need to know how to plan our day.  It's just how we roll.

Now...if you are that type or not this book can be extremely helpful.  If you do nothing but learn the type of temperament your baby has from reading this book, thus learning much more quickly how to respond to him/her, how to head off problems, will change your life.  This may cause you to feel the need to send me copious amounts of cash along with touching notes of thanks...this really isn't necessary...just knowing that it has been helpful is payment enough for me! 

And here are the books...

Secrets of the Baby Whisperer by Tracy Hogg

And The Baby Whisperer Solves all Your Problems
by Tracy Hogg

In theory her methods are quite simple which is good for any parent of a newborn.  But the fact that she goes into depth and explains things and really spells things out is the part that really helped us.  The basic daily routine that she recommends will change your life. 

We learned how to teach Q-Tip to sleep through the night fairly early.  We learned how to soothe her quickly and how to avoid starting bad habits.  When it was time for Q-Tip to move on from her bottle it was like any other day in the neighborhood around here because I had learned from the beginning to not feed her before she went to sleep.  I learned the importance of sleep as well as the importance of teaching a baby how to sleep on their own.  I could go on and on about how much they helped us and how much we learned from them.

The "solves all your problems" book is really great when it comes to fixing things such as baby having their days and nights mixed up, any feeding problems that can sometimes arise, and toilet training issues.  It is definitely a must have! 

These books are simply a wealth of information and they are the first thing I recommend to parents of newborns.   

Ahhhh Motherhood,


  1. You KNOW I couldn't agree more with you!! That book was such a lifesaver and you quickly let me borrow yours until we could get our own copy. :)

    That book and the seahorse ..... enough' said!

    Miss ya chica.

  2. Preach it sista!!!

    MISS YOU TOO!! :-)

  3. I do so love those titles... though I have no friends with babies, so very little ability to put my new knowledge of them to use!

    (p.s.~ The pioneer woman follows you? dude, how'd that happen? I'm in awe.)

  4. Well you keep those books in your back pocket until you or your friends do have babies...they are a lifesaver!!

    I'll email you the's a good one! :-)

    Merry Christmas Bloggy Friend!

  5. Emails? Ooh - I LOVE emails. And I love tales.

    So I'm quite excited.