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Monday, November 8, 2010

Significantly Significant Events - Part 3 of 3 - Q-Tip's Birthday Party & Visiting Grandparents

Hello all!  Did you miss me? 

Now that it is officially November I think the past couple months of busy-ness is over. 

Although honestly...I don't look for things to really slow down until after January...BUT...I'm choosing to say that things are slowing down now. 

Denial helps my sanity stay intact.

After my little trip to the Ozarks with my friends and Farm Boy and I's vacation to Hawaii there was no time to rest for the weary.  We had one more big thing to get through.  I am telling you about it after the fact because I thought you might enjoy a few pictures to go along with the telling. 

And the big event was...Q-Tip's second birthday party.  As well as her first experience trick-or-treating AND a visit from her mema and pa-pa.  Big stuff people...big stuff!

It was sort of an all in one thing.  Mema and pa-pa flew in on Saturday after her actual birthday on Friday so we decided to have her party on Sunday.  Which was Halloween.  Which worked out quite nicely. 

Q-Tip was a Zebra for Halloween this year.  She had a zebra print tu-tu...compliments of my very dear friend Pam from My Pamtastic Life...that I wanted to use.  So I threw some white leggings on her and made her a t-shirt and some hair bows to match.  She looked QUITE adorable if I do say so myself...and I do.

I decided to stick with the Zebra theme and do a zebra cookie cake.  It tasted wonderful.  I'll do another post on how I did this later. 

I thought a cookie cake might be a little easier for a toddler to eat and it was. We cut it into bite size pieces and it was great! There weren't a million little crumbs everywhere. However there were some remnants of black icing around some little mouths.  But they didn't care and it all washed off easily.  I would highly suggest a cookie cake for any toddler's birthday.

And then came the trick-or-treating. 

Do you remember when I told you about how Q-Tip loves to gather up things and put them in some sort of container...and about how she was an egg hunting extraordinaire at Easter...well all that being said again...the child is a trick-or-treating prodigy.  She's got the trick-or-treat; thank you and bye bye down perfectly.  And the gathering of the candy and putting it in the the bag!  Matter of fact...I think it ranks right up there with Easter egg hunting on her list of favorite things to do. 

Next year she will be giving the big kids some stiff competition!!

Watch out big kids...Q-Tip's comin at ya,


  1. Ok, that cookie cake turned out beautifully, as I knew it would - LOL! Great job!!!

  2. Oh, and it goes without saying that little miss zebra was adorable as well :-)

  3. Anna...THANK YOU MY FRIEND!! Love you! :-)

  4. A zebra print tutu?

    My envy knows no bounds.

  5. can totally borrow next year if you would like! :-) Doesn't Pam have marvelous taste? LOVE HER!