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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Fly Over States

As many of you know I love music.  It is one of my favorite things.  I love talking about it, writing about it, and of course...listening to it. 

Well...I've heard a new song that I am now in love with.  It's a Jason Aldean song called Fly Over States.  I don't know who wrote it but I do know that whoever it is...gets it. 

I'm sure you're wondering what I mean by "gets it".  I will try and explain...

Simply put...there are some really awesome places in between the East and West Coast y'all! 

I don't mean to say that they are better...but they are interesting, beautiful, full of culture, and just as amazing.

Sure you can say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  So I guess that not everyone would think that a field full of waving golden wheat is beautiful...but to some people it is.  And I'm sure that not everyone would miss seeing the sunrise or sunset on the horizon everyday...but some do. 

Some people feel happy in those fly over states.  They feel grounded and secure and at home there. 

Fly Over States

A couple guys in first class on a flight
From New York to Los Angeles
Kinda making small talk killin’ time
Flirting with the flight attendants
Thirty thousand feet above, could be Oklahoma

Just a bunch of square cornfields and wheat farms
Man, it all looks the same
Miles and miles of back roads and highways
Connecting little towns with funny names
Who’d want to live down there, in the middle of nowhere

They’ve never drove through Indiana
Met the man who plowed that earth
Planted that seed, busted his ass for you and me
Or caught a harvest moon in Kansas
They’d understand why God made
Those fly over states

I bet that mile long Santa Fe
Freight train engineer’s seen it all
Just like that flatbed cowboy
Stacking US Steel on a three day haul
Roads and rails under their feet
Yeah, that sounds like a first class seat

On the plains of Oklahoma
With a windshield sunset in your eyes
Like a watercolored painted sky
You’ll think heavens doors have opened
You’ll understand why God made
Those fly over states

Take a ride across the badlands
Feel that freedom on your face
Breathe in all that open space
Meet a girl from Amarillo
You’ll understand why God made
You might even wanna plant your stakes
In those fly over states

Have you ever been through Indiana
On the plains of Oklahoma
Take a ride

Feelin kinda homesick,


  1. I haven't heard that song yet, but I'll definitely think of you when I do! And I had a good friend in college from Kansas who couldn't STAND when people called them the fly-over states. Which was unfortunate, as she was going to school in VA.

    We're not the most geographically knowledgeable bunch. At least not about the middle states.

    And yes - clearly I also suffer.

    But it's not my fault - nobody's ever invited me to OK!

  2. I WISH I didn't get car sick 'cause it's my hubby's dream to drive across the US and Canada in a big ol' RV one day. I think the songs says exactly WHY he wants to do it but the feelings of nausea are holding me back from lovin' his dream :(

  3. this song is so awsome! i live in SD and all i got to say is this song is right. with all the fields and roads. ya, this is home