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Friday, October 29, 2010

Two Years Ago Today

Two years ago last night I was as big as a house and Farm Boy and I didn't sleep a wink.

Mainly due to the fact that bright and early the next morning we were headed to the hospital and by the end of the day the two of us...would become three of us.

And two years ago today that is what happened. 

The past 730 days has been a whirlwind of a rollercoaster.  From baby laughs to dirty diapers, a good sleeper to reflux, pretty smiles to milk and soy protein intolerance, singing happy songs to a temper tantrum here and there...through it all we wouldn't change a thing.

Well...except maybe the reflux...and the milk and soy protein intolerance...and the temper tantrums...but even still...she is ours and we love her.

Happy Birthday to our little are our world!

Oh yes and happy birthday to Farm Boy and Pa-Pa J too! 


  1. Happy Birthday sweet girl! I wish we were closer to celebrate our girls turning TWO together. I will never forget the days after we had our babies when the three of us girls got together to discuss everything that was on our minds. I think we all three needed those times together more than we realized. Jolie will forever be one of Taylor's first special friends. Can't wait to see pictures of her birthday bash. Miss you guys!

  2. Saw your blog link on a PW comment. So happy to click and see the most precious baby girl picture! I'm a sucker for a sleeping baby.

  3. Wait... is your husband's birthday the same as your daughter's?

    'Cause that's adorable.

  4. Thank you Stacy! I wish we were closer too! I miss you guys and I miss seeing T grow up!!

    Littlewifeontheprairie...First of all...I totally love your blog name. I am a HUGE Laura Ingalls-Wilder fan. Secondly...thank you for the compliment. I think she's pretty precious myself. :-)

    Megan...yuppers! Q-Tip shares her b-day with her daddy and her daddy's daddy. And her MeMa's birthday is the next day! Pretty cool huh? Although we've had two birthday's for her so far and I find that it is a little difficult to remember to get daddy something for his birthday...I'm going to have to work on that one. :-)