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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Stalking Tropical Creatures - Gertrude the Gecko

This post is hereby dedicated to:



While away on our vacation to the
Big Island of Hawaii we met Gertrude.

Gertrude the Gecko.

She was hanging out on the wall outside of our condo.

I thought she was pretty so I started taking pictures.

Low and behold...girlfriend started working the lens!!

As you can see in exhibits A and B.

I worked my photography magic while she
modeled her loveliness for quite some time.

And then we parted ways never to meet again.

The End.


P.S.  If you look closely you will see that Gertrude's
tail is two different colors with a distinct line where
the colors meet.  I would venture to say that it fell off at
some point for one reason or another and then grew back. 
Who can really say.

But I think...there's a story...
(Name that movie)

P.P.S Megan, I love your stories of stalking woodland creatures
and I thought of you while Gertrude and I were hanging out! 

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  1. YES! I love Gertrude - she's absolutely adorable. And I'm SO glad others have started to see the wisdom in stalking animals.

    Clearly I was thinking too small with that whole "woodland creatures" thing - all creatures deserve to be stalked!