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Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Day That I Was in Parton

Me and Dolly are kindred spirits I think.  So much so that I even named my dog Dolly.

The big hair...the sparkly clothes...the girliness even in the country.  Not to mention the love of music. and Dolly are like peas and carrots.  Hot glue and rhinestones.  Big hair and aqua net.  You get the picture. 

So a few years ago when I was thinking and stewing and thinking trying to come up with an awesome Halloween costume...becoming Dolly seemed like the perfect thing! 

And it was.  At least I think it was and that's what matters on this here blog o' mine.

I got my hair about as big as I could get it that night without the help of a friend to tease the back. 

I broke out the rhinestones and glue and made myself a shirt...bearing my character name.  I whipped out my pink boots...perfect for an occasion such as this.  And then I got me some balloons so that I could enhance my anatomy a little...or maybe a lot.   Then I got myself the largest container I could find at the Wal-Marts for said balloons as well as some Lee Press-on nails...naturally the longest ones I could find.  It was quite perfect if I do say so myself...and I do.

And then I went to town...or rather a Halloween party. 

My costume was quite a hit at the party and for some reason people just couldn't keep their hands off my balloons!  I felt violated!! 

Well, not really...but maybe a little.

Happy Halloween everyone!!

I still have the shirt,
AKA: Dolly
Mama's Losin' It


  1. I was dolly one year for halloween - pam has pictures somewhere - i didn't have to use balloons though, but i did have to use a huge blond wig. just thought you should know - LOL. we all have our assets - damnit!

  2. Who doesn't just love Dolly? Who? That would be nobody...that's who! Of course, I love you more...i'm just sayin' :-)


  3. O in the O...I want to see those pics!! :-)

    Thanks for the visit Harter!

    Pam...Who couldn't possibly love Dolly? I shudder to think!! She's an asset I tell you!! :-)