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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

How It Came to Be...My Farmer Boy and Me - Part 4

Continued from here (part 1)...and here (part 2)...and here (part 3)...

He had come home for homecoming at Oklahoma State University. We had a wonderful weekend spending time together and with all of our friends. But when it came time to say goodbye...I couldn't do it. I lost complete control of myself.

It was Sunday night. I was leaving him at his parent's house and going home so that I could go to work in the morning. His parents were supposed to take him to the airport the next day. We stood in the driveway and a river of tears started flowing that I could not contain. His mom came outside and I couldn't even stop them to save myself the embarrassment of crying over his leaving in front of her. There was nothing he could say or do that made them stop. I simply could not tell him goodbye again.

I called my boss and told her I would be late to work the next day. I was staying with him...on the his parent's house. I would have slept on the floor to have a little more time.

The next morning came and I took him to the airport. It was hard but I was able to control myself a little better.

We said our goodbyes and he flew back to North Carolina. But something changed during that flight home. He was thinking about something. Something he hadn't felt ready for before now. But he had to make sure.

He called his best friend, Matt. Matt and Farm Boy understand each other just about as well as anyone on earth and when they have a huge life changing decision to make they have always asked each other for help making it.

It was after he talked with Matt that he made his decision...the decision that would change both our lives forever.

He was going to propose on his next trip home in November.

He went to his little apartment in Raleigh and went to work researching diamonds and learning all about the four C's...cut, carat, clarity, color.  He wanted to know a little something before he went to make his big purchase.

Of course I had no idea that he was planning this and for the next month when the subject of marriage or my birthday present came up he never even gave a hint to his plans.

The day of his arrival finally came and the Sunday before Thanksgiving was going to be the day.  We went to church with his family and then everyone went to his sister's house for lunch.  Except for the two of us.  He told me he wanted to stop by the family farm and look at his brother's new tractor and see how his alfalfa was doing.  Nothing out of the ordinary.

We walked to the barn and he looked at the tractor...for about 30 seconds...which I did find a little strange but after all it was cold, rainy and a little muddy so whatever.  Then we walked out to the alfalfa field...

(This exact one I might add)

 and he looked around for about 10 seconds.  Again...a little strange but I was cold...I suspected nothing.  And then he just stood there and looked at me.

I began to wonder what in the world...and then he said...So...I need to ask you something. 

I said...okaaay.

He grinned and kind of shifted his feet.

My heart was starting to beat a little harder and a little faster.

And then the moment I had been waiting for...he said...Well um...will you marry me?

That little phrase...will you marry me...must have been some cue to my tear ducts that I didn't know about because ohhh did they ever start flowing.

I said YES about 26 times and then he handed me a little gold ring.

(Yup...that would be the one)

Pay attention this is where it gets interesting...

I don't wear gold y'all.  I haven't worn gold in quite some time.  I'm more of a sterling silver, white gold, platinum kinda girl.  But guess what...that ring could have been out of a Cracker Jack box for all I Farmer Boy was proposing and I was accepting!

And then he said...Do you like it, do you really like it?  And looking back I can see that mischievous grin on his face but I was in a vulnerable place y'all.  I missed him and I loved him and seriously...I could have cared less if it was a freakin Spiderman Band-aid.  So I said yes about 14 times.  And then he grinned even bigger and said...are you sure?  And I said YES...I'm sure! 

And then he I can take this one back then.

And I said...hell no you can not!!

And then I called him a name or two...loving names of course.  Or not. 

And then we kissed and hugged in the rain.  And mud.  And cold.  In the alfalfa field at this family farm.

In that exact spot.  The one with the pump jack and tanks.  They weren't there at the time.  We must be a good luck charm. 

Then we walked back to the truck and went to tell the family even though they already knew what was happening.  Well all except for my mom because Farm Boy was afraid she might act a little too excited and I would catch on. 

And then the wheels started turning.  A date needs to be set...plans need to be made...

To Be Continued...

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  1. My Ozark past has taught me that boys embark on all important decisions after starting at a tractor. I can't believe he swapped the rings - that's crazy!! Your'e so cute to have not said anything either...I think my husband's definition of the 4 C's is cost, cost, cost, cost.