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Monday, October 25, 2010

Back to Our Regularly Scheduled Programming...Oh and Aloha!!

I love starting fresh on a Monday. 

It is so much better than starting fresh on a Tuesday, Wednesday or any other day of the week for some reason.

Maybe it's my OCD.

Maybe it's a nasty case of procrastination.

I don't know.  But what I do know is this...I don't give a dang. 

And the reason I don't give a dang is that me and my Farm Boy are less than two weeks out of a trip to Hawaii my friends and I am convinced that the motto for that great state is...

I Don't Give a Dang...ALOHA! 

Said with a great big smile of course and in the context of...

Oh...I'm having a bad hair day...oh well, I don't give a dang...Aloha!

Or...we are getting close to nap time and I have another errand to run...oh well, I don't give a dang...Aloha!

Or...I didn't go work out today...I don't give a dang...Aloha!!

You see what I mean, right?  RIGHT!

We had a WONDERFUL time y'all!  Wonderful, relaxing, gorgeous, blessed time.  The people were so relaxed and happy and everyone was smiling!  It was amazing.  You absolutely can not help but be relaxed, happy, and smiling when you are surrounded by such beautiful sunshine and scenery.  It is hard for me to think about vacationing anywhere else as long as I live. 

Honestly...I want to move there...but shhh...don't tell Farm Boy.  I've got to break this news in nice and slow.

I loved everything about the Island.  I loved hearing the language and learning about the culture.  I of course loved the scenery.  I loved seeing all the ocean life in their natural habitat.  I loved the music and I loved saying Aloha to everyone I saw.  But I would have to say one of my favorite things was wearing flowers in my hair...real or fake...I loved it. 

And of my other favorite things about this trip is that I have come home and I almost feel like a different person.  There could be many reasons behind it but I'm going to go with...Hawaii!  The beauty, the relaxation, the Aloha...all of it!  It's got to be Hawaii! 

I have felt so much more relaxed since I've been home.  More relaxed than I have felt in probably two or three years. 

That sounds terrible doesn't it...but honestly it's the truth.  Motherhood gave me a nasty case of the anxiety and I'm almost nervous to say it but I think it may be starting to ease up a bit and I am Oh So thankful!


P.S. Here's a sneak peak at some of our pictures...enjoy!


  1. Clearly you need to design a state flag and license plate with said motto.

  2. Would you really move there?? You're gonna have to rename Farm Boy and your blog! My brother just sold his condo there. Glad you had a good trip!!

  3. are SO right!! Good call! I'll get to work. :-)

    Erin...I would totally move there!! We found cattle country while we were there...Farm Boy was in his element. Apparently one of the nations largest cattle ranches is on the Big Island. And as far as the blog schmog...I would be in paradise!! lol... But I would need unlimited income to be able to fly home or fly people out there at will. And to live...cause it's a tiny bit spensive. And I hear Honolulu traffic is atrocious which is where we would have to live for Farm Boy's he would need to either get another job or they would have to move the office. So just a few tiny stipulations and I'd move there in a heart beat!! I totally loved it!! lol... :-)

  4. The kids and I spent one month there this summer and I understand exactly what you mean. The stress just melts away. In fact I posted on "keeping my Aloha" when I returned.. I'm still trying but I think I need to go back and get another dose of it! After one month you would think we would be itchin' to get home.... NOT..... It went by so quickly......I could live there. So glad you got the "dont' give a dang....Aloha" attitude.

  5. Momma...A MONTH?!! Lordy, Lordy, Lordy...Farm Boy would have to peel me out of there!!

    I've done pretty good at keeping my Aloha so far. Yesterday was kinda rough but today has been better. Ya know I got to read a little bit of your blog about keeping your Aloha and I was so impacted by Hawaii and remembered your posts I almost had Aloha tattooed on my wrist!! I probably would have done it had Farm Boy not been there. He's not a fan of the idea of me with a tattoo. I will probably get one though when I go back...cause I'm so going back some day!! lol... :-)