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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A Scene From The Exorcist

I feel as though I am living in a scene from The Exorcist.

My child is in a mood straight from the pits of the black abyss today.  And the only explanation I can give...her MiMi (my mom) has been here for a week and left yesterday.

Or it could be teething...but personally I think the detoxification process from the MiMi High is more than the poor little thing can bear. 

Lord knows it's more than I can bear!!!

I will spare you pictures of the crying, screaming, and gnashing of's been quite traumatic for me.  I would hate to do that to dear friends...on this fine Wednesday afternoon.

You will just have to trust me when I say...I am expecting my head to pop off and start spinning around at 100 miles an hour...any moment.  It will simply be a reaction to the site of my darling daughters head doing that very thing.

I will leave you with this picture to remember us by. 

It was taken during the good times...when tantrums didn't exist at our house.

Hopefully by tomorrow I will have re-attached both our heads and have happier things to talk about.  Until then...PRAY FOR ME PEOPLE...PRAY FOR ME!!

Missing the good ol' tantrum free days,


  1. I think the grandparent-detoxification process has got to be worse than any opiate-detoxification there is. Once things are normal again maybe you could start some kind of 12-step recovery program that would be useful by others. Bet you write a book about it and make a gazillion damn dollars!

  2. I've never seen the exorcist.

    But I'm assuming it's not good.