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Thursday, September 9, 2010

My Baby the Mama

Somehow my baby has become a mama.

No...not a real mama.  

A pretend mama.

Q-Tip has always loved her baby dolls but recently
it has become a little more real.  In a pretend sort of way. 

She has started feeding them, changing their diaper, reading books to them, rocking them, kissing them, patting and consoling them, and even singing songs to them. 

As a matter of fact taking care of her baby dolls
has become one of her favorite things to do.

It's quite adorable really. 

And for some reason, it makes me feel
like maybe...just maybe...I'm doing something right. 

The Real Mama,

P.S.  The first two babies she is playing
with were mine when I was little.


  1. TOO CUTE!!! Savannah loves to do the same thing! In fact it is a daily ritual she has to go through all day long...sometimes if she gets busy with something else and realizes she doesnt have her baby she starts going around the house calling out for her..."BABY...where are you" and then when she finds her she says "awww, I love you" ... Too cute! Gotta love our girls!!!! PS, LOVE the pig tails!

  2. Q-Tip looks like she is a good little "mother."

    You answered my question at the end! The baby doll in the second photo is identical to our oldest daughter's first doll, but she is quite a bit older than you! Since she doesn't have any children "Alice" is still at our house (put away somewhere).

    Linda (GillLink)

  3. Awwww...she's so cute! What a sweet little thing to see! So YES dammit, you ARE doing something right! Lots of somethings right! So quit worrying already, will ya?


  4. Oh, how sweet! Watching my newly minted three-year-old play wit her babies is so much fun for me! Although, I think I must say, "Just a minute!" an awful lot, because she tells her babies this many, many times...

  5. She is SO sweet!! And if she is doing all those things to her babies it's because you are doing all of them to her and she loves it =) Yay! She really is adorable!

  6. Thanks y'all!! She is a little sweetie...most of the time!! :-)