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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Latest Q-Tip Conundrum

Before our little Q-Tip graced us with her presence lots of other parents...had her room all ready and organized. 

Part of this readiness and organization involved a diaper shown in the following picture.

I love this diaper stacker.  For many, many reasons.  I love the organization it provides, I love that it matches Q-Tip's room decor, and I love that it holds more than 10 diapers at a time.

However, we have encountered a problem with said diaper stacker. 

When we moved to our present home the 3M sticky hook thingy's that I used to hang the diaper stacker in her old room wouldn't hold on these walls.  The only thing I can figure is that the paint is different.  Instead of being flat it's kind of shiny.  This little problem caused me to have to hang the diaper stacker on the side of her crib where all has been fine with the world for that last 16 months...

Until a couple of days ago when I went in to get Q-Tip out of her bed and found this...

And this...

And this...

Which resulted in this...

Which made mama feel like this...

(insert frustrated, irritated, discombobulated...and a few more things...face here)

What's worse is I thought that maybe it was a one time thing so I put it all back and didn't think another thing about it until she did it yesterday...and today.  Which leads me to believe the days of the diaper stacker hanging on the outside of the crib are officially...over.

(insert sad face here)

I would really prefer not to put holes in the walls because we tend to move frequently and I'm trying to do the next owner of this home a favor.  However...I'm going to have to say goodbye to the diaper stacker if I don't put holes in the walls and I'm just not sure I'm ready to do that.  Not to mention the fact if I get rid of the diaper stacker where am I going to put the diapers?  It will throw off my whole system AND the organization of the changing table will have to be...CHANGED!! 

(insert freaked out face here)

THAT my friends is something that I am just NOT ready for!

(insert determined not to change things face here)

So...until I get this conundrum resolved...I'll be wearing a...

(insert what the heck am I gonna do now face). 

Currently befuddled but not for long,

UPDATE~I hung the diaper stacker on the closet door.  It's not quite as handy as it was but it will do. 

On to other conundrums!! 

Q-Tip just climbed out of her bed!!  Woe is me!!


  1. Oh dear -- she made quite a mess! Before I reached the end of the post, I thought maybe hanging it on the closet door...looks like great minds think alike! =)
    Motherhood sure does sound messy and full of all sorts of surprises

  2. Ah, the woes of a diaper stacker.

    My thoughts are with you.

  3. I like the way you think Ashley...and yes, you are right! Great minds DO think alike!

    Motherhood is messy, crazy, H-A-R-D, and endless. But it's also quite wonderful most of the time! :-)

    Megan...I know I can count on your friend!