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Friday, September 17, 2010

Has the Process Begun? Say It Isn't So!!

I was shopping in the mall the other day...minding my own business. 

And after making my final decisions on the items I would purchase I went to take my place in the check-out line. 

I was standing there...looking around at the people and them BAM!!

There was a newborn baby sleeping oh so peacefully in her stroller.  She looked something like this...
And then something strange happened.  Something very, very strange.  A teeny, tiny voice inside me said...It's Time.

And then I said...

Say wha?

Are you freakin crasseee?? 

Who the heck are you in there?  Get out...get out this instant!!!!  Do you want to fight of YOU?!?!!

And then I thought...maybe...just maybe...I kinda, sorta, a teensy weensy, miniscule bit...want another baby. 

And then I slapped myself upside the head. 

And the moment passed.

And then I saw a pregnant lady.  She looked something like this...

And then I thought...Thank you LAWD Jesus I am not pregnant!!  Lawdy, lawdy, lawdy I am SOOO not ready!

But I can't help but think...has the process begun? 

Has my (Lord help me) biological clock started its devilish process of pecking away at my brain until it accomplishes what it wants?   

Say it isn't so!!!! 

I'm not ready....I'm SOOOO not ready!!! 

I'm just starting to feel sort of normal again!!!

I've got another year or two right?  RIGHT?!?!?!!!


In a crisis of epic proportions,

P.S.  Q-Tip was only a few days old in the first picture.  And I was 37 weeks pregnant in the second picture.  I'm glad I waited until I was 37 weeks to take my pregnant pictures.  They are a wonderful reminder of the "joys" of pregnancy!  I was HUGE and I was ready to have a baby instead of the stabbing nerve pain that regularly shot down my left thigh!  It was "magical" I tell you...simply "magical"! 


  1. Why is it that every time I've spent (or am getting ready to spend) an extended period of time with you - you have baby fever? LOL.

  2. Because she's crazy in the head...that's why!


  3. My dear, dear friends...there is NO baby fever going on in this house! Zip, zero, nada! It was a simple thought that lasted a single moment in time. It came, I stomped on it, and it passed. I have decided that until Q is A) potty trained B) starting pre-school and C) possibly a few more stipulations there will be no baby in this house! Pecking biological clock or not!!


    P.S. Friends...slap me upside the head if I get weak on any of my stipulations please! I know I can count on you!! :-)

  4. So I've read your comment and it just seems like taunting fate. I'm eagerly awaiting your pregnancy announcement.

    p.s.~ The day I came home to your crazy list of comments was awesome. I heart you.

  5. Lordy Megan...I pray that you are waiting for QUITE some time!