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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Tornados Suck

In early May a tornado hit Farm Boy's hometown.  Most of his family still lives there as well my best good friend Lyndsey and her husband. 

As it was happening we were talking to them, watching the news, and praying that it wouldn't hurt anyone or damage anyone's home.  Thankfully our prayers were answered...mostly. 

Farm Boy's family and Lyndsey were fine and their homes were fine.  But Farm Boy's best friend from high-school lost his childhood home.  Praise be no one was hurt but the house was completely destroyed. 

(This picture was taken by his sister the day after it happened)

While we were there visiting we drove by and took some pictures.  Keep in mind a lot has been cleaned up and the leaves have started growing on the trees.  But there are obvious signs that a tornado has been there.

Across the road from their house was another house and some trees...that aren't there anymore.

And in this case as well as so many others...Oklahomans did what they do so well...they joined together and helped one another clean up the mess left behind.

Thank the Lord for good people willing to lend a hand!

I Hate Tornados,

P.S.  Here are a few more pictures of the house.  These were all taken the day after it hit.

Notice in this picture there is still china in some of the cabinets and a serving dish on a table. 


  1. it's crazy how they can hit one has and completely miss the next! so glad everyone was ok!

  2. Oh my goodness - I'm so sorry for Farm Boy's friend. That must be such a difficult thing to go through.

    Also, I had the best day getting what felt like hundreds of comments from you, so thanks!

    p.s.~ Love the sign-off. You might have noticed, I love sign-offs. Welcome aboard the sign-off wagon. We welcome all newcomers.