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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Toddlers vs. Teenagers

This is my niece...she's 14.  She's going to be 15 in November.
I remember when she was 6 and the thing
that troubled her the most was finding an audience
to watch the dance routine that she made up.

This is my nephew...he turned 17 this summer. 
I remember when he was 9 and the thing that
troubled him the most was his 6 yr old sister.

I think we all know who this is...but just in case...
This is my baby girl...she will be 2 in October.  And the thing that
troubles her the most is teething and not getting her way.

The troubles that my niece and nephew have now are completely different than they were when they were little.  Now they are plagued with girl problems and boy problems. School problems and friend problems.  Bad hair days, acne, dating, girl pressure, boy pressure, peer pressure, popularity, having what's "in style", iPhones, cars, "you're grounded", sports, and the biggest problem of their young life...learning who they are in this world.

And the problems of teething, wanting her way, potty training,
and learning to eat good that my baby girl is
plagued with and therefore I am plagued with...

Wait a minute...

Are they really even problems?  I don't believe they are.

I'M NOT READY FOR TEENAGERS!! baby girl has two great cousins...

 that are traveling the rough road of Teenageville before her and
they can help lead and guide her in the path that she should go.
Cause Lord knows I'm probably already gonna be in
Crazyville never, ever, ever, NEVER, to return!

Trying to prepare for the inevitable,

P.S.  Niece and nephew...if you lead her and guide her in the wrong path...I'll haunt you from Crazyville for the rest of your days! But I know you would never do that. I'm just being the obsessive compulsive mother that I am.  I love you both to pieces! 
XO Aunt Meg


  1. Ahhhh! Hahaa This Is SO Coool.
    You Sure Do Get Us(;
    Hahaa & You Know We Got Jo's Back! Lol
    We Love her Too Death, Even Though She Stole My Family Role As " The Favorite Grandchild"
    Love Yall!

  2. As the mother of a 15 year old, I totally appreciate this post and your realization that teething is small potatoes.

    My suggestion? Since your niece and nephew now have experienced parents, just ship your little sweetie off to them when she hits "the terrible teens"

  3. My children are 20, 17, 12 and 11.... Teen years are a whole new ride from toddlers.. Hang on girl...

    Did I mention they are also a huge blessing?

    You got it under control.... I can tell (wink)

  4. Kat...You can look at it like Q-Tip is the second favorite...since you were the first. lol... Love you too sweetie! I'm glad to know that Q-Tip has you two!

    Mindee...GOOD THINKIN! I'm totally going to talk to my sis-n-law about that. After all...she's her Godmother for pete's sake...that ought to count for something right? lol... :-)

    Mommas Soapbox...Ohhh the blessing the little darlings are!! lol... Thanks for the vote of confidence. Just when I think I've got this parenting thing whipped the stage changes and I'm thrown for a loop again. Although I do have hope in that I do eventually figure things out. After lots of trial and error. lol... :-)

  5. Q-Tip's shirt is hilarious. That must make her daddy beam!

    I think you need to make Q-Tip's problems the NIECE'S problems...hello, babysitter?!

    Sorry I've been MIA, long summer with the move but I plan to be back on track soon (and with a new pimp Ipad that will help me read blogs from bed).