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Monday, August 30, 2010

A Thank You to My Farmer Boy

So if you couldn't tell by now that I am forever damned to be a completely hopeless romantic...I am.

There...I said it.

I am a sucker...for a love story of any kind.  Guy gets the girl.  Girl gets the guy.  Guy loves the girl and the girl doesn't know it.  Girl loves the guy and the guy doesn't know it.  Whatever...I don't care...I'll take one of everything.  It gives me the warm fuzzies...or the hiney tingles as P-Dub says it...and I like it.  I like it a lot!  I like it so much that anything that does not give me the hiney tingles I feel is a waste of my time and if it does...well it was time well spent. 

This weekend we bought a new CD.  It was just released recently by The Randy Rogers Band.  If you haven't heard of here.  They are probably my favorite band.  Rand Rogers is an unbelievable writer and I love his music, and his voice, and his fiddle player, and well everything.  He is AH-mazingly talented!

Needless to say there is a song on his new CD...Burning the Day...that I am in love with.  He didn't write it but it gives me a million hiney tingles every time I hear it and I have to share it with you.  Oh yes and the million hiney tingles that it gives me may have something to do with my Farmer Boy. 

Here are the lyrics...

Steal You Away
Written by Jeff Middleton, Mark Mulch and Nick Mulch

I can see you standing with him
He ain’t holding your hand like he should
He ain’t listening to a word you say
He doesn’t look at you the way I would
I should steal you away

I’ve been wondering, are you looking at me
Thinking how it might be if you were mine
Girl it drives me crazy, he don’t know what he’s got
I’m fighting so hard not to cross the line

I should steal you away
I should steal you away
In the middle of the night, come take your heart
I should steal you away

I can see us walking out that door
Not looking back as we roll down the road
I would show you what a man’s supposed to be
Take you anywhere you ever wanna go

I should steal you away
I should steal you away
In the middle of the night, come take your heart
I should steal you away
I should steal you away

Although he did not steal me away from a guy...he did steal me away from brokenness. 

We have rolled down the road together and gone so many places that I never knew I wanted to go.  And for the past 8 years he has listened to me, looked at me, stolen my heart in the middle of the night, and shown me what a man is supposed to be. 

Thank you my Farmer Boy for stealing me away...every day!


  1. Ohh I love Randy Rogers - I'll have to check out his new cd!

    I have my own love story that I wrote on my blog here:

  2. Awwww...that's so sweet. Makes me jealous :-)

  3. Thanks for going with me. Love farmer boy.