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Monday, August 16, 2010

My Little Farm Girl...It's got to be in Your DNA Somehow

If I ever thought that farm life didn't run deep down in your blood somehow...that thought is now gone forever!

While we were in Oklahoma visiting family and friends we took Q-Tip out to Farm Boy's family farm for a little while.  She loves animals and points out cows and tractors driving down the road but she's never really had the opportunity to be close to them until that day. 

She immediately ran over to the fence and wanted in the pen with the cows. And after Farm Boy went up and over she was on his heels before we could get a hold of her.

First item on her list of things to do...ride and pet the cows!  Yes...I said ride.  She was running all over their pen saying "ride the cows" and "pet the cows" over and over again. 

She just couldn't figure out why they kept running away.  And unfortunately the poor child doesn't know to look out for this...

So Farm Boy started carrying her around.  And she didn't like it...not one little bit.  She wanted to chase after them herself.  And of course they wanted no part of this. 

But just before the fit throwing and mayhem of running cows started I snapped this picture...and I'm in love with it!

She soon had the poor cows riled up and in a frenzy and I started worrying that her Uncle would have all our hides so her daddy decided it was time for her first tractor ride.

And that's when I snapped this picture...and I'm in love with it even more.

She would have ridden that thing ALL DAY LONG!

And of course the day wouldn't have been complete without a ride on the Gator with her Pa-Pa, a visit to the pump jack, slobbery kisses from the big doggy, some hay in her hair, a scraped knee, and some dirty little hands. 

It was a fun day and honestly...I think Farm Boy and I had more fun than she did!  We are counting down the days until we can take her to the farm again.

Feelings A Little Homesick Already,

P.S.  My mom bought the t-shirt Q-Tip is wearing before Farm Boy and I even got pregnant with her.  Which just goes to show you how much I am astounded that she is almost 2 and just now riding on tractors.  I never would have thought that we would live in a city like this.  But it's been an adventure and I'm thankful to have these opportunities to go places and see different things.  But oh how I miss the farm!


  1. I just fell in love with your family even more when I see the shirt that Farm Boy is wearing... I have the exact same one! My husband and I LOVE CCR!

  2. TOO FUNNY!! It is such a small world.

    Farm Boy was in school in Stillwater when they were smaller and playing there a lot. We've been watching them for a LONG time. They've sort of changed a lot and I hear they aren't going to tour together anymore. May just be rumors...who knows.

    He got that shirt at the Wormy Dog in Oklahoma City one night after they played. Cody signed it but we couldn't catch up with anyone else to have them sign it. It was pretty crazy that night.

    One of these days I'm going to have to do a blog post about our t-shirts. It is quite a significant collection. lol...


  3. Well...duh! It's totally in her DNA, I'm not surprised, not one bit. But I sure hope you cleaned off those litte white tennies before you packed them...shooo....weeee...

  4. Megan - so true about CCR changing. WE've been following them for years and have travelled a little to hear them. My husband is a bigger fan but I do like them as well. I'm a bigger fan of Marc Broussard (check him out if you haven't heard him before)

  5. Adorable pics meg!!! Jolie is soo precious! Love you guys, Jordan