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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

It's Got to Be a Syndrome

I have been in Oklahoma for 5 days and I've taken 10 pictures.

I have either forgotten to bring my camera or forgotten I had my camera with me at almost every stop we've made.  And THAT my friends is ridiculous!

It has to be a syndrome.  A syndrome that prevents me from getting good pictures of things we are doing or people we are visiting. 

Oh my heavens...I am suffering from Nikon-b-gone!

Nikon-b-gone has invaded my brain and taken over.  I would imagine that treatment plans for this horrible syndrome are tricky to say the least.  I need something to aid me in keeping my camera visible and easily accessible. 

Ahhh HA!  A Cami-Clip.  Ya a paci-clip but a cami-clip...for the camera!! 
I can't possibly be the only one that suffers from Nikon-b-gone.  I just may make it my life's mission to rid the world of this dreadful disease!

I could start an Etsy shop and sell bedazzled cami-clips to help ease the sufferings of others.  And because I'm a giver...I could give a 10% discount to those with a diagnosis of this tragic illness.

Have no fear my friends!!  I am on a mission now...I will find a cure!  I must! 

Of course there is a possibility that my multi-tasking skills aren't so great anymore.  That the ability to tend to Q-Tip, engage in conversation with friends and family, channel my inner pack mule AS WELL AS take pictures of everything going on is more than I can handle.'s got to be Nikon-b-gone!

Your Nikon-b-gone Savior,

P.S.  I did take some pictures today of Q-Tip at the farm.  Look for those in the next few days.  Until's a picture of Q-Tip and her daddy in my aunt's pool.

(This would be 1 of the 5 I took at the
first stop on our busy vacation.)

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