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Friday, August 13, 2010

It Will Be a Bittersweet Day

The day we have to buy Q-Tip her own plane ticket will be one of the most bittersweet days of my existence in motherhood.

The will mean that my baby has turned 2.  And that we will have to buy 3...count em...1, 2, 3, tickets instead of 2.  And...well, that's pretty much it.

The sweet...little Miss Q-Tip will have her own seat.  Sitting in her...oh so comfortable car seat.  And although I can not be certain at this moment I'm almost positive that the Fasten Seat Belt sign will remain on for the duration of the flight.  At least for those passengers that are 2 and under sitting in my row. 

This will definitely give her the sweet end of the deal as well.  It will leave her daddy and I with both sets of hands, free to give her anything her little heart desires mid-flight.  She will have 2 of her very own flight attendants.

Won't it just be lovely?

AND...chances are...since she'll be sitting in her car seat there won't be any need to utilize the handy dandy changing table that is in the FRONT lavatory of the plane.  Considering the fact that she typically doesn't...need a diaper change...while sitting down.

It's a win - win!!

Did I mention the changing table was in the FRONT of the plane?  I hope all of y'all that fly with babies...are taking notes!  It's in the front...don't forget.

I'm stressing that because I care.  And because 1/3 of the passengers on our flight back to Maryland went home battered, bruised and with their sense of smell damaged after I mistakenly carried her to the back bathroom...because we were closer to the poor man sitting next to me wouldn't be robbed of one of his five senses.  After I was re-directed to the front I had to walk by all those poor innocent people once again when I never needed to walk by them in the first place.  The poor souls.  Godloveemblesstheirheart.

Have I mentioned that all those poor people's faces are at diaper level as I walked by again and again?  Poor dear souls.

Hopefully one day they will recover. 

And praise be that one day Q-Tip will have her own seat.  Or we won't have to fly to get home for a visit anymore.  I'll take either.

Ohhh the bittersweet it will be! 

Counting Down the Days,


  1. Be sure to get her a frequent flyer card...she needs to be earning her own miles - LOL. I always got Liv her own made the trips a lot more bearable.

  2. Start saving now! All those loose coins found in the couch and in the dryer - Q's travel fund it shall go!

  3. Anna...they can sit on your lap until they are 2 so we were trying to take advantage of the saving money part of the deal. But as we were in the midst of the saving money I questioned if it was really worth it! LOL!!

    Pam...There are so many things to save for these days...plane tickets, college, wedding. I can't take the thought!