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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

In a State of Limbo

I haven't yet decided if it is a good thing to expose the inner workings of my OCD mind or not.  It seems I can't help myself.  I can only hope that it helps one answer that burning question in their mind...Am the only one and am I crazy?

No my are not the only one and heavens NO you're not crazy!  At least I don't think so and that's all that matters! further expose my craziness saneness.  (I love making up new words)

I've told you a few things about some of the home improvement projects we've been doing over the past few months.  We've put in all new light switches and electrical outlets.  We've changed switch plates and outlet plates so they would all match.  We've put up ceiling fans ("we" meaning we hired someone to do it) and yet there is still more to be done. 

Like changing out the drawer handles in the kitchen so that they will match the pulls. 

Say say?

Ahhh yes...we are living in a state of limbo people.  Our drawer handles do not match our cabinet pulls in the kitchen. 

Allow me to demonstrate what I mean. 

This is a picture of a pull on one of our cabinet doors.

And this is a picture of some of the drawers in my kitchen.

Dare I say...the pulls are brushed nickel and the handles are gold. 


Lawsie mercy what is the world coming to?!?!

Brushed nickel and the same room!!!  We need help...serious help!!! 

Currently in a detrimental state,

P.S.  In our defense...we bought brushed nickel handles when we bought the pulls but they were the wrong size.  Apparently the handles that we have are an odd size and we've had a little trouble finding brushed nickel in the size we need.  But we will my good friends...we will!  This can not go on forever!!  My OCD brain can't take it!


  1. ha, that would drive me crazy too! :)

  2. It's a wonder that you can sleep at all at night with that sort of thing happening under your own roof! How in the world do you hide that from the neighbors?

  3. Mismatched handles/pulls is exactly why I am currently living without pulls on the kitchen drawers. I would rather have none at all than have them not all match.

  4.'s about to drive me nutty!! It is officially on my list of things to do this week!! :-)

    Pam...I don't allow the neighbors in the house!! No playdates, no nothin! It's horrifying I tell you! :-)