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Friday, August 20, 2010

How It Came To Be...My Farmer Boy and Me - Part 3

Continued from here (part 1)...and here (part 2)...

My Farmer Boy was moving to North Carolina...

What were we going to do?  How were we going to make this work?

I had a million questions.  He was just as calm, cool, and collected as always.  He simply said...we will make it work and it will be okay.

I tried hard to put it out of my mind.  To enjoy the time we still had together which wasn't much.  We started making arrangements for him to move and gather the things he needed.  He asked if I would drive out with him and help him get set up and then fly home.  I anxiously agreed wondering how much harder it would be to leave him there than to see him leave Oklahoma. 

Not to mention the fact...I had never flown before in my life.  But at that moment it was the least of my worries.

The day approached all too quickly and we loaded up and started driving down that long bumpy road to North Carolina.  I had 10 more days...just 10 more days with him before we were 1200 miles apart.  It was almost unbearable to think about. 

We drove the 20 hour trip over two days.  And as you all know I'm not much of a long distance car traveler but we had a good time. 

We drove straight to his new apartment where we would be meeting the movers with his stuff.  We looked it over and decided to make a Wal-Mart run to pick up necessities and such before they got there. 

We walked into the Wal-Mart and were greeted with a scene that made me question the decision my love had made to move to this dreadful place. 

A man was yelling and pushing on his wife in the middle of the main aisle and she was just standing there...leaning on her CANE...and taking it.  He was yelling horrible things at her and pushing her around and everyone in that store was just walking by like it wasn't even happening.  And I...I was freaking out!!  I could not believe my eyes!  I was one aisle away cussing a blue streak.  I wanted to walk up to him and give him a chewing he would not soon forget.  And every time I think about that horrible scene...I regret not doing that very thing.  Although the man quickly stopped yelling and walked away and honestly I think Farm Boy was a little relieved that he didn't have to save my life 10 minutes after pulling into town. 

But...I still wish I would have done it.

We headed back to the apartment and I helped him un-pack and organize for the rest of the week and pretty soon the weekend...Memorial Day weekend...was upon us and two of Farm Boy's college friends...Charlie and Lisa...drove down for a visit. 

Now...Charlie lived in Ohio at the time and Lisa lived in West Virginia.  They knew each other from college but not well.  However Charlie had a serious crush on Lisa that had been present for quite some time.  And I will tell their story...with their permission another day.  It's such a good one!

They came down for a visit and we had a great time checking out the city.  And then it was over...all too soon.  The day had come for me to leave. 

Farm Boy drove me to the airport and helped me check-in.  He walked me to security and we prepared ourselves for the inevitable. 

He kissed me and hugged me and kissed me again.  And with tears in our eyes...we said our goodbyes.

I stood in line sobbing and then the security guy tells me that I have been randomly chosen to be patted down by a security officer.  To which I said...You've got to be freakin kidding me?!!

I can't make this stuff up people.

Yes me...first time flying...telling the love of my life goodbye for who knows how going to be patted down and searched in the security line at the freakin airport...GREAT...JUST GREAT!

So the girl starts the process and I am crying my eyes out and she's okay's really not a big deal.  The poor thing didn't realize that I could have really cared less about being searched.  It was the fact that I didn't know how long it would be until I saw his face again.  Or felt his arms around me or simply felt the security of his presence. 

I boarded the plane and cried my way home. 

The next 5 months pretty much went the same.  He would come home for a visit or I would go there and goodbyes grew more and more painful. 

But not nearly as painful as the goodbye in October...

To Be Continued...


  1. woo! this got me choked up at my desk =/ I know what that good-bye feels like. So happy you two made it through =)

  2. Man...I remember this like it was yesterday! Where does the time go, eh???

  3. Ashley...thanks! It was rough but we made it!! :-)

    Pam...NO JOKE! Just writing it I remembered exactly how it felt and honestly I got a little teary. It was horrible but I think it made us stronger and I wouldn't trade the time I had with my friends for anything!! :-)