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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Home Sweet Home

Ohhh the things I have to tell you!! 

But first...we are home and heavens above are we glad! 

As busy as we were...and as tired as we are...I will have to say this was one of the best trips to Oklahoma that we have taken in a loooong time. 

We saw family, we saw friends, we ate at our favorite restaurants, and there was hardly any stress the entire week.  It was great!

I wish I could say that I took a gazillion pictures but of course...I didn't.  I always regret not getting a picture of this or that but when I'm in the moment of this or that I just don't think of the camera.  Maybe one day I'll master it.

I did take a billion or so pictures when Q-Tip rode the tractor and had a little chat with the cows.  Or maybe I should say...attempted to have a little chat.  Or maybe I should say...darn near had them stampeding out of the pen.  Anywho...she loved it and I will share all of that with you soon.

But first...let me share a few things I learned during this trip.

1. I will take 105 degrees in Oklahoma over 90 degrees in Maryland ANY day! 
Low humidity + nice breeze = Oklahoma
HIGH humidity + NO breeze = Maryland

2. Flying with toddlers on your lap SUCKS!

3. I missed my family and Farm Boy's family more than I realized.  It was so good to see them and so hard to say goodbye!

4. Spending time with my friends was like a breath of fresh air!  I think I need some of that air a little more often.

5. Q-Tip is a farm girl at heart.  I'm not sure why I would ever think she wouldn't be. 

6. It was pure agony to leave Farm Boy's dad almost in tears in his driveway as we pulled away on Sunday.  The image of it has burned into brain and left me wondering if we are making the right decisions.

7. Flying with toddlers on your lap is EXHAUSTING!!

8. I'm not sure there is a mattress on the planet like a Tempurpedic.  Ohhh how we missed ours!

9. The joy I felt as I walked into my clean house was unparalleled.  I'm so glad I cleaned before we left! 

*intro Hallelujah Chorus*

And because I'm stronger than my OCD...I'm leaving my list with only 9 items. 

HA...take that! 

Contently Tired,

P.S.  For the record...Q-Tip sat on Farm Boy's lap through the entire flight out and most of the flight back.  I was in charge of getting things from bags and holding crayons, snack cups, iPods, and changing diapers.  But either job is grueling!  But thank the Lord for my Farmer Boy!! 

I couldn't do it without him!


  1. Sounds like an amazing trip - I'm envious of your low humidity home!

  2. Also~ I'm always available for stalking, as I'm constantly taking tons of photos. Though maybe having a stalker wouldn't make it worth it.

    But photos.

    So something to think about.

  3. It was soooo good to see you too! I don't think I've every laughed that much in a short amount of time while at our fave mexican restaurant. It's like we all got there and flood gates opened and we weren't going to shut up no matter what table asked us to :-)