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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Toddlers vs. Teenagers

This is my niece...she's 14.  She's going to be 15 in November.
I remember when she was 6 and the thing
that troubled her the most was finding an audience
to watch the dance routine that she made up.

This is my nephew...he turned 17 this summer. 
I remember when he was 9 and the thing that
troubled him the most was his 6 yr old sister.

I think we all know who this is...but just in case...
This is my baby girl...she will be 2 in October.  And the thing that
troubles her the most is teething and not getting her way.

The troubles that my niece and nephew have now are completely different than they were when they were little.  Now they are plagued with girl problems and boy problems. School problems and friend problems.  Bad hair days, acne, dating, girl pressure, boy pressure, peer pressure, popularity, having what's "in style", iPhones, cars, "you're grounded", sports, and the biggest problem of their young life...learning who they are in this world.

And the problems of teething, wanting her way, potty training,
and learning to eat good that my baby girl is
plagued with and therefore I am plagued with...

Wait a minute...

Are they really even problems?  I don't believe they are.

I'M NOT READY FOR TEENAGERS!! baby girl has two great cousins...

 that are traveling the rough road of Teenageville before her and
they can help lead and guide her in the path that she should go.
Cause Lord knows I'm probably already gonna be in
Crazyville never, ever, ever, NEVER, to return!

Trying to prepare for the inevitable,

P.S.  Niece and nephew...if you lead her and guide her in the wrong path...I'll haunt you from Crazyville for the rest of your days! But I know you would never do that. I'm just being the obsessive compulsive mother that I am.  I love you both to pieces! 
XO Aunt Meg

Monday, August 30, 2010

A Thank You to My Farmer Boy

So if you couldn't tell by now that I am forever damned to be a completely hopeless romantic...I am.

There...I said it.

I am a sucker...for a love story of any kind.  Guy gets the girl.  Girl gets the guy.  Guy loves the girl and the girl doesn't know it.  Girl loves the guy and the guy doesn't know it.  Whatever...I don't care...I'll take one of everything.  It gives me the warm fuzzies...or the hiney tingles as P-Dub says it...and I like it.  I like it a lot!  I like it so much that anything that does not give me the hiney tingles I feel is a waste of my time and if it does...well it was time well spent. 

This weekend we bought a new CD.  It was just released recently by The Randy Rogers Band.  If you haven't heard of here.  They are probably my favorite band.  Rand Rogers is an unbelievable writer and I love his music, and his voice, and his fiddle player, and well everything.  He is AH-mazingly talented!

Needless to say there is a song on his new CD...Burning the Day...that I am in love with.  He didn't write it but it gives me a million hiney tingles every time I hear it and I have to share it with you.  Oh yes and the million hiney tingles that it gives me may have something to do with my Farmer Boy. 

Here are the lyrics...

Steal You Away
Written by Jeff Middleton, Mark Mulch and Nick Mulch

I can see you standing with him
He ain’t holding your hand like he should
He ain’t listening to a word you say
He doesn’t look at you the way I would
I should steal you away

I’ve been wondering, are you looking at me
Thinking how it might be if you were mine
Girl it drives me crazy, he don’t know what he’s got
I’m fighting so hard not to cross the line

I should steal you away
I should steal you away
In the middle of the night, come take your heart
I should steal you away

I can see us walking out that door
Not looking back as we roll down the road
I would show you what a man’s supposed to be
Take you anywhere you ever wanna go

I should steal you away
I should steal you away
In the middle of the night, come take your heart
I should steal you away
I should steal you away

Although he did not steal me away from a guy...he did steal me away from brokenness. 

We have rolled down the road together and gone so many places that I never knew I wanted to go.  And for the past 8 years he has listened to me, looked at me, stolen my heart in the middle of the night, and shown me what a man is supposed to be. 

Thank you my Farmer Boy for stealing me away...every day!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

We are Headed Straight for the Runway

Hello and welcome to the
Red Dirt & Crazy Fall 2010 Fashion Show! 

As you shop for your fall must have's keep in mind
that it's all about color this year.  You can't have to many,
there are no rules, and above not try to match anything!

This season's featured item...the chunky necklace
in these beautiful bright colors.

Our designers are favoring a Punky Brewster look
 this year pairing the chunky necklace with a floral print onesie.

And of course no ensemble would be
complete without fur lined snow boots!

They are warm, they are comfy, and
apparently...they go with everything! 

Be bold and get a little crazy cause Punky's
mis-matched crazy style is coming back!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

In a State of Limbo

I haven't yet decided if it is a good thing to expose the inner workings of my OCD mind or not.  It seems I can't help myself.  I can only hope that it helps one answer that burning question in their mind...Am the only one and am I crazy?

No my are not the only one and heavens NO you're not crazy!  At least I don't think so and that's all that matters! further expose my craziness saneness.  (I love making up new words)

I've told you a few things about some of the home improvement projects we've been doing over the past few months.  We've put in all new light switches and electrical outlets.  We've changed switch plates and outlet plates so they would all match.  We've put up ceiling fans ("we" meaning we hired someone to do it) and yet there is still more to be done. 

Like changing out the drawer handles in the kitchen so that they will match the pulls. 

Say say?

Ahhh yes...we are living in a state of limbo people.  Our drawer handles do not match our cabinet pulls in the kitchen. 

Allow me to demonstrate what I mean. 

This is a picture of a pull on one of our cabinet doors.

And this is a picture of some of the drawers in my kitchen.

Dare I say...the pulls are brushed nickel and the handles are gold. 


Lawsie mercy what is the world coming to?!?!

Brushed nickel and the same room!!!  We need help...serious help!!! 

Currently in a detrimental state,

P.S.  In our defense...we bought brushed nickel handles when we bought the pulls but they were the wrong size.  Apparently the handles that we have are an odd size and we've had a little trouble finding brushed nickel in the size we need.  But we will my good friends...we will!  This can not go on forever!!  My OCD brain can't take it!

Friday, August 20, 2010

How It Came To Be...My Farmer Boy and Me - Part 3

Continued from here (part 1)...and here (part 2)...

My Farmer Boy was moving to North Carolina...

What were we going to do?  How were we going to make this work?

I had a million questions.  He was just as calm, cool, and collected as always.  He simply said...we will make it work and it will be okay.

I tried hard to put it out of my mind.  To enjoy the time we still had together which wasn't much.  We started making arrangements for him to move and gather the things he needed.  He asked if I would drive out with him and help him get set up and then fly home.  I anxiously agreed wondering how much harder it would be to leave him there than to see him leave Oklahoma. 

Not to mention the fact...I had never flown before in my life.  But at that moment it was the least of my worries.

The day approached all too quickly and we loaded up and started driving down that long bumpy road to North Carolina.  I had 10 more days...just 10 more days with him before we were 1200 miles apart.  It was almost unbearable to think about. 

We drove the 20 hour trip over two days.  And as you all know I'm not much of a long distance car traveler but we had a good time. 

We drove straight to his new apartment where we would be meeting the movers with his stuff.  We looked it over and decided to make a Wal-Mart run to pick up necessities and such before they got there. 

We walked into the Wal-Mart and were greeted with a scene that made me question the decision my love had made to move to this dreadful place. 

A man was yelling and pushing on his wife in the middle of the main aisle and she was just standing there...leaning on her CANE...and taking it.  He was yelling horrible things at her and pushing her around and everyone in that store was just walking by like it wasn't even happening.  And I...I was freaking out!!  I could not believe my eyes!  I was one aisle away cussing a blue streak.  I wanted to walk up to him and give him a chewing he would not soon forget.  And every time I think about that horrible scene...I regret not doing that very thing.  Although the man quickly stopped yelling and walked away and honestly I think Farm Boy was a little relieved that he didn't have to save my life 10 minutes after pulling into town. 

But...I still wish I would have done it.

We headed back to the apartment and I helped him un-pack and organize for the rest of the week and pretty soon the weekend...Memorial Day weekend...was upon us and two of Farm Boy's college friends...Charlie and Lisa...drove down for a visit. 

Now...Charlie lived in Ohio at the time and Lisa lived in West Virginia.  They knew each other from college but not well.  However Charlie had a serious crush on Lisa that had been present for quite some time.  And I will tell their story...with their permission another day.  It's such a good one!

They came down for a visit and we had a great time checking out the city.  And then it was over...all too soon.  The day had come for me to leave. 

Farm Boy drove me to the airport and helped me check-in.  He walked me to security and we prepared ourselves for the inevitable. 

He kissed me and hugged me and kissed me again.  And with tears in our eyes...we said our goodbyes.

I stood in line sobbing and then the security guy tells me that I have been randomly chosen to be patted down by a security officer.  To which I said...You've got to be freakin kidding me?!!

I can't make this stuff up people.

Yes me...first time flying...telling the love of my life goodbye for who knows how going to be patted down and searched in the security line at the freakin airport...GREAT...JUST GREAT!

So the girl starts the process and I am crying my eyes out and she's okay's really not a big deal.  The poor thing didn't realize that I could have really cared less about being searched.  It was the fact that I didn't know how long it would be until I saw his face again.  Or felt his arms around me or simply felt the security of his presence. 

I boarded the plane and cried my way home. 

The next 5 months pretty much went the same.  He would come home for a visit or I would go there and goodbyes grew more and more painful. 

But not nearly as painful as the goodbye in October...

To Be Continued...

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Tornados Suck

In early May a tornado hit Farm Boy's hometown.  Most of his family still lives there as well my best good friend Lyndsey and her husband. 

As it was happening we were talking to them, watching the news, and praying that it wouldn't hurt anyone or damage anyone's home.  Thankfully our prayers were answered...mostly. 

Farm Boy's family and Lyndsey were fine and their homes were fine.  But Farm Boy's best friend from high-school lost his childhood home.  Praise be no one was hurt but the house was completely destroyed. 

(This picture was taken by his sister the day after it happened)

While we were there visiting we drove by and took some pictures.  Keep in mind a lot has been cleaned up and the leaves have started growing on the trees.  But there are obvious signs that a tornado has been there.

Across the road from their house was another house and some trees...that aren't there anymore.

And in this case as well as so many others...Oklahomans did what they do so well...they joined together and helped one another clean up the mess left behind.

Thank the Lord for good people willing to lend a hand!

I Hate Tornados,

P.S.  Here are a few more pictures of the house.  These were all taken the day after it hit.

Notice in this picture there is still china in some of the cabinets and a serving dish on a table. 

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A Stage or a Vicious Attack on my Sanity

My child ate 12 cheerios and a teaspoon of ketchup for lunch today. 

I gave her the cheerios while I was heating up her food.  And the ketchup was to go along with her MEAL...the one she wouldn't eat.

So...when should I be expecting my mom of the year award? 

Okay so it was an all natural ketchup with no high fructose corn syrup in it.  That's good right?

And she did have a half a homemade hamburger and some peas on her plate.  Of course she wouldn't touch any of it but it was offered.  Just like I do at every meal.  Every meal that she barely touches.  But that's good right?

I'm not worried about her starving...I know she'll eat when she is hungry.  But she hasn't touched a vegetable in quite some time.  Although SOMETIMES...very, very, rarely...I can get her to eat some spaghetti that I have snuck some veggies into.  But a lot of the time she won't even eat that. 

She either picks up her plate and hands it back to me or starts to dump it on the floor.  Or she plays with it for awhile until Farm Boy and I are done eating and then begs for a banana.  The girl will eat fruit.  But is it healthy for her to only be eating fruit?

Or is this some horrible toddler stage that we are entering that is mainly designed to drive mothers into Crazyville? 

Cause that's pretty much what it seems like to me. 

Crazyville or Bust,

P.S.  Did your child go through this and what did you do??  PLEASE ...for the love of my sanity...tell me what you did to get through this!


Monday, August 16, 2010

My Little Farm Girl...It's got to be in Your DNA Somehow

If I ever thought that farm life didn't run deep down in your blood somehow...that thought is now gone forever!

While we were in Oklahoma visiting family and friends we took Q-Tip out to Farm Boy's family farm for a little while.  She loves animals and points out cows and tractors driving down the road but she's never really had the opportunity to be close to them until that day. 

She immediately ran over to the fence and wanted in the pen with the cows. And after Farm Boy went up and over she was on his heels before we could get a hold of her.

First item on her list of things to do...ride and pet the cows!  Yes...I said ride.  She was running all over their pen saying "ride the cows" and "pet the cows" over and over again. 

She just couldn't figure out why they kept running away.  And unfortunately the poor child doesn't know to look out for this...

So Farm Boy started carrying her around.  And she didn't like it...not one little bit.  She wanted to chase after them herself.  And of course they wanted no part of this. 

But just before the fit throwing and mayhem of running cows started I snapped this picture...and I'm in love with it!

She soon had the poor cows riled up and in a frenzy and I started worrying that her Uncle would have all our hides so her daddy decided it was time for her first tractor ride.

And that's when I snapped this picture...and I'm in love with it even more.

She would have ridden that thing ALL DAY LONG!

And of course the day wouldn't have been complete without a ride on the Gator with her Pa-Pa, a visit to the pump jack, slobbery kisses from the big doggy, some hay in her hair, a scraped knee, and some dirty little hands. 

It was a fun day and honestly...I think Farm Boy and I had more fun than she did!  We are counting down the days until we can take her to the farm again.

Feelings A Little Homesick Already,

P.S.  My mom bought the t-shirt Q-Tip is wearing before Farm Boy and I even got pregnant with her.  Which just goes to show you how much I am astounded that she is almost 2 and just now riding on tractors.  I never would have thought that we would live in a city like this.  But it's been an adventure and I'm thankful to have these opportunities to go places and see different things.  But oh how I miss the farm!

Friday, August 13, 2010

It Will Be a Bittersweet Day

The day we have to buy Q-Tip her own plane ticket will be one of the most bittersweet days of my existence in motherhood.

The will mean that my baby has turned 2.  And that we will have to buy 3...count em...1, 2, 3, tickets instead of 2.  And...well, that's pretty much it.

The sweet...little Miss Q-Tip will have her own seat.  Sitting in her...oh so comfortable car seat.  And although I can not be certain at this moment I'm almost positive that the Fasten Seat Belt sign will remain on for the duration of the flight.  At least for those passengers that are 2 and under sitting in my row. 

This will definitely give her the sweet end of the deal as well.  It will leave her daddy and I with both sets of hands, free to give her anything her little heart desires mid-flight.  She will have 2 of her very own flight attendants.

Won't it just be lovely?

AND...chances are...since she'll be sitting in her car seat there won't be any need to utilize the handy dandy changing table that is in the FRONT lavatory of the plane.  Considering the fact that she typically doesn't...need a diaper change...while sitting down.

It's a win - win!!

Did I mention the changing table was in the FRONT of the plane?  I hope all of y'all that fly with babies...are taking notes!  It's in the front...don't forget.

I'm stressing that because I care.  And because 1/3 of the passengers on our flight back to Maryland went home battered, bruised and with their sense of smell damaged after I mistakenly carried her to the back bathroom...because we were closer to the poor man sitting next to me wouldn't be robbed of one of his five senses.  After I was re-directed to the front I had to walk by all those poor innocent people once again when I never needed to walk by them in the first place.  The poor souls.  Godloveemblesstheirheart.

Have I mentioned that all those poor people's faces are at diaper level as I walked by again and again?  Poor dear souls.

Hopefully one day they will recover. 

And praise be that one day Q-Tip will have her own seat.  Or we won't have to fly to get home for a visit anymore.  I'll take either.

Ohhh the bittersweet it will be! 

Counting Down the Days,

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Home Sweet Home

Ohhh the things I have to tell you!! 

But first...we are home and heavens above are we glad! 

As busy as we were...and as tired as we are...I will have to say this was one of the best trips to Oklahoma that we have taken in a loooong time. 

We saw family, we saw friends, we ate at our favorite restaurants, and there was hardly any stress the entire week.  It was great!

I wish I could say that I took a gazillion pictures but of course...I didn't.  I always regret not getting a picture of this or that but when I'm in the moment of this or that I just don't think of the camera.  Maybe one day I'll master it.

I did take a billion or so pictures when Q-Tip rode the tractor and had a little chat with the cows.  Or maybe I should say...attempted to have a little chat.  Or maybe I should say...darn near had them stampeding out of the pen.  Anywho...she loved it and I will share all of that with you soon.

But first...let me share a few things I learned during this trip.

1. I will take 105 degrees in Oklahoma over 90 degrees in Maryland ANY day! 
Low humidity + nice breeze = Oklahoma
HIGH humidity + NO breeze = Maryland

2. Flying with toddlers on your lap SUCKS!

3. I missed my family and Farm Boy's family more than I realized.  It was so good to see them and so hard to say goodbye!

4. Spending time with my friends was like a breath of fresh air!  I think I need some of that air a little more often.

5. Q-Tip is a farm girl at heart.  I'm not sure why I would ever think she wouldn't be. 

6. It was pure agony to leave Farm Boy's dad almost in tears in his driveway as we pulled away on Sunday.  The image of it has burned into brain and left me wondering if we are making the right decisions.

7. Flying with toddlers on your lap is EXHAUSTING!!

8. I'm not sure there is a mattress on the planet like a Tempurpedic.  Ohhh how we missed ours!

9. The joy I felt as I walked into my clean house was unparalleled.  I'm so glad I cleaned before we left! 

*intro Hallelujah Chorus*

And because I'm stronger than my OCD...I'm leaving my list with only 9 items. 

HA...take that! 

Contently Tired,

P.S.  For the record...Q-Tip sat on Farm Boy's lap through the entire flight out and most of the flight back.  I was in charge of getting things from bags and holding crayons, snack cups, iPods, and changing diapers.  But either job is grueling!  But thank the Lord for my Farmer Boy!! 

I couldn't do it without him!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

I'm The Reader of the Month!!

Y'all...I've died and gone to bloggy heaven!! 

I am the reader of the month over at Confessions of a Young Married Couple!!! 

Can you believe it?!  I can not. 

Katie is an unbelievable blogger.  She is an awesome writer and posts everyday without fail.  AND she's an amazing wife and mommy!! 

She's my idol.  Along with the Pioneer Woman of course. 

Anyway...she picked me to be her reader of the month so go check it out.  There's some juicy details in there about me that you might not know and there's a new family picture of Farm Boy, Q-Tip and I that we just had taken this week! 

Click HERE to read Katie's post about me.

I hope y'all enjoy your weekend!!  We are off to a family reunion at Lake Texhoma.  If you are going to be there look for me...I'll be the one melting under the shade tree in the 110 degree heat!

Forever Heat Intolerant,

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

It's Got to Be a Syndrome

I have been in Oklahoma for 5 days and I've taken 10 pictures.

I have either forgotten to bring my camera or forgotten I had my camera with me at almost every stop we've made.  And THAT my friends is ridiculous!

It has to be a syndrome.  A syndrome that prevents me from getting good pictures of things we are doing or people we are visiting. 

Oh my heavens...I am suffering from Nikon-b-gone!

Nikon-b-gone has invaded my brain and taken over.  I would imagine that treatment plans for this horrible syndrome are tricky to say the least.  I need something to aid me in keeping my camera visible and easily accessible. 

Ahhh HA!  A Cami-Clip.  Ya a paci-clip but a cami-clip...for the camera!! 
I can't possibly be the only one that suffers from Nikon-b-gone.  I just may make it my life's mission to rid the world of this dreadful disease!

I could start an Etsy shop and sell bedazzled cami-clips to help ease the sufferings of others.  And because I'm a giver...I could give a 10% discount to those with a diagnosis of this tragic illness.

Have no fear my friends!!  I am on a mission now...I will find a cure!  I must! 

Of course there is a possibility that my multi-tasking skills aren't so great anymore.  That the ability to tend to Q-Tip, engage in conversation with friends and family, channel my inner pack mule AS WELL AS take pictures of everything going on is more than I can handle.'s got to be Nikon-b-gone!

Your Nikon-b-gone Savior,

P.S.  I did take some pictures today of Q-Tip at the farm.  Look for those in the next few days.  Until's a picture of Q-Tip and her daddy in my aunt's pool.

(This would be 1 of the 5 I took at the
first stop on our busy vacation.)