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Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Valley of the Shadow of Teething

Good news my friends...good news. 

Q-Tip's blood tests came back normal.  No hypoglycemia.  I am glad and relieved that there isn't anything wrong there but a little perplexed about her symptoms. 

We plan on talking to the Cardiologist about all of this next week when the heart murmur situation is addressed.

All of this leaves me to wonder if her lips turning blue and the shakiness are completely different problems which are not related to her absolute meltdown behavior lately. 

I assumed that the meltdowns were a result of her being in pain or not feeling right.  But maybe it's nothing...aside from teething that is.  Because we know she is definitely in the midst of that right now. 

We haven't really had too many behavioral issues with ever.  Even while teething.  Aside from being a little more whiny and chewing her fingers to nubs.  But I'm beginning to wonder if that is a thing of the past.  Which if that is the case...part of me feels like maybe I need to give her a little bit of a break, and when she is melting down and asking to be held and rocked to give her that.  But then I worry that she is just being demanding and wanting her way at every single turn lately.  And if that is the case...Katie Bar the Door!  We're gonna be havin us a little "come to Jesus" meeting.

But I feel so unsure.  So torn about the situation.

Has my child become possessed by some evil little toddler hood goblin? 

Or are we simply walking through the valley of the shadow of teething?

And if we are...should I cut her some slack or bring down the wrath of mommy?



  1. I vote "yes" to teething and "yes" to giving extra TLC right now. How much harm could it really do right now? Once you go to the cardiologist and find out everything is ok and her teeth are in THEN you can stress about if she's just being whiney and/or demanding...but right now, i think you both need a little TLC :-)


  2. Ah, the valley of the shadow of teething - a frightening place for us all.