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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Lots of Prayers and One Murmur-Be-Gone Dance

Thanks to many prayers and one Murmur-Be-Gone dance...Q-Tip is as healthy as a horse! 

She had her appointment with the cardiologist this morning and after an EKG and an ultrasound of her heart he gave her a smiley face sticker and sent us on our way.

He said the EKG looked great and her ultrasound looked great as well.  He also said it's a soft murmur and isn't really something that needs to be monitored and that if it is still being heard in 2-3 years then he might need to take another look (not that we will live here that long) at her but otherwise she is fine. Thank you Lord!!

And I'm pretty sure that since he said those words I have exhaled deeply about 4,523 times. 

Over the past month I have tried really hard not to stew and worry over this.  I thought I was doing a fairly decent job of it.  But apparently...anxiety got the best of me because I started crumbling a few days ago. 

It felt like the least little thing was more than I could handle.  So needless to say...I've been in survival mode for a few days. 

Translation: I've been in Crazyville. 

Translation #2:  The house cleaning and the laundry did not get done this weekend.  If a meteorologist came to the house he would swear the damage was done by an F5 tornado. 

And...I've got one week to get ready for a trip to Oklahoma.

No rest for the anxiety ridden. baby is healthy so who the hell cares about the house right?!  RIGHT!


I love you all,


P.S.  This is the text I got from my friend Pam today after I had told her the news.

Hooray!!! I did my murmur-be-gone dance this morning before I went to work! I'm glad it did the trick! My back is a little sore from my special moves...but it was totally worth it!!! LYMI

And this is the text I got from my friend Lyn...

God is good! Now you can work on you a little. Love you!

Now I ask you...what in the world would life be like with out friends?!  I shudder to think of it!

And these are just two examples of all the well wishes and kind words that we have gotten through this little ordeal. 

There aren't adequate words to express the gratitude...but thank you all very much!


  1. So glad to hear that! I've been thinking about your beauty a lot and am glad she's healthy!!

  2. I say that you call Merry Maids "just this once" and let them get your house in deserve it!

  3. I'm catching up on reading blogs after two busy weeks, and glad to know that Q-Tip didn't have a heart problem and the murmur isn't more serious. The symptoms you described sounded like something to be very concerned about.

    Linda (GillLink)