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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Must Have Baby Stuff - Part 1 - The Magical Seahorse

Listen up people...I'm going to tell you something very, very important!

If you have a baby...

Are getting ready to have a baby...

Or know someone who has a baby....

Immediately following the reading of this post you must go buy this...

You will thank me for all eternity! 

Or your friends will thank you for all eternity!

This is the Magical Seahorse folks and I kid you has magical powers.  It can soothe the most upset, cranky, and even starving to death baby with the softest and most beautiful music you've ever heard.

We went through the first set of batteries in two weeks after we brought Q-Tip home.  And God love the thing it never failed us.  We would turn it on and we were graced with almost immediate silence.  It was nothing short of a miracle.

After we figured out that our poor child was hungry and not just colicky or what have you...we didn't go through the batteries quite so quickly but the never failing seahorse still got plenty of use.  After we fixed the hunger problem we moved right on in to the milk/soy protein intolerance problem and went from there into the reflux problem. 

Following the Prevacid, the formula laced with 14 kt gold (it was a tiny bit pricey), and finally filling up her little tummy the magical seahorse has STILL been a favorite with Q-Tip.  So much so that we now have a seahorse in the car AND in the crib and sometimes it's just what she needs to calm down a little and drift off to dream land.

So...moral of the story...the thing has magical powers.  Trust me me!

Get'll thank me later!

P.S.  I've said it before and I'll say it again...THANK YOU PAM AND ANNA! 

I will love you forever!


  1. Magic?


    Sounds pretty weird, so I'm definitely in!

  2. I've seen the magic of the seahorse and it is amazing!

  3. I'm buying it a) because I have two and am expecting a third and b) after telling me I'm not the only crazy person to allow their husband to buy a home on their own, I will side with you on anything, magical seahorse or not.

  4. Megan you crack me up! Love ya!

    Erin...You will not be disappointed! And if you ever need it...I've got your back girl!! :-)

  5. It's magical because it came from Target...and all good things can be found at Target :-)