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Monday, July 26, 2010

I Take It Back...Mostly

Do y'all remember the day that I said...sometimes I wish I were Amish

I take it back.  I take it all back.

We had a little storm blow through yesterday afternoon about 4 o'clock.  It got dark really quick and when Farm Boy and I looked out the window we thought we were in the midst of some tornadic activity.  There were leaves blowing all over the place which to us...being from Oklahoma...resembles debris.  Which in turn...made us want to start screaming....DEBRI...WE'VE GOT DEBRIS!!!  (name that movie)

We turned on the news and it was just some high winds so we calmed down and went back to what we were doing.  Which was watching Season 1 of Friday Night Lights. 

We got Netflix remember...that's gonna be a whole other post's worth me. 

Anyway...we were watching Friday Night Lights and then...HELLS BELLS...we lost power.  We sat there for about a minute and it popped back on.  We got Friday Night Lights going again and HELLLLLS BELLLLLS we lost it again!! 

And this didn't come back.  Not until 6 AM in the blessed morning did it come back. 

And I'm telling you all of this so that you understand what having no power in this house means.  It means no air conditioning.  And no air conditioning in this house means the upstairs is hotter than Hades.  Which means no sleeping will be done by any part of this family upstairs.  Especially the toddler. 

We...ALL THREE OF US...ended up sleeping in the living room. 

Q-Tip in her pack-n-play, Farm Boy on the big couch, and me on the love seat. 

We started Q-Tip out in her room with her bedroom door open and against my better judgment because of THIS little nothing but a diaper.  But thank the good Lord we didn't have to cross that bridge again.  However...she woke up hot and crying so we decided to set up her pack-n-play and put her in the living room.  Well she was all excited about the change in routine and was in no mood to go back to sleep.  But it was night night time and it is not negotiable in this house.  So after she realized we weren't going to take her out of her pack-n-play...she started playing and singing to herself and begging for a drink of water and singing more songs and begging for another drink of water and pretending she was a bucking bronc kicking her back legs up and then begging for ANOTHER drink of water and then begging mommy to sing songs and then ANOTHER drink of water and then FINALLY...around 2:30 in the AM...went back to sleep. 

At this point...mommy was just a teensy weensy bit fussy. 

SO when Farm Boy started leveling a rain forest on the couch beside me...just as Q-Tip was getting quiet.  It was almost more than I could bear. 

I had to wake him up and tell him to ROLL OVER.  He did...and got quieter...and I FINALLY fell asleep.  Only to be awakened around 6:30 this morning to Farm Boy tapping my leg.  He told me the power was on and we debated about moving Q-Tip to her room.  It's much darker in there so we knew she would sleep longer but taking a chance waking her up moving her was scary too. 

We took the chance and moved her and ended up getting another hour and a half of sleep.  Thank the good Lord!! 

Needless to say...I am exhausted and cranky today.  Farm Boy is too pooped to peep.  And Q-Tip is worn out and fussy.  It's like a Greek wedding on steroids around here...but NOT. is more than safe to say that I can not live without electricity and apparently that is one of the prerequisites to being Amish...therefore...I can not be Amish. 

But they are some really cool people.

I will love electricity forever,


  1. I would have died if I were in your position. I have a seperate window unit just so my bedroom can be cool enough at night.

  2. heehee,you are so funny...wanted to just check in on you, how is everything?? and Q tip?

  3. Twister is a fave. Who doesn't love a little Paxton? Having a kid who can tolerate a pack n play is a gift straight from God. My first couldn't cope, but my second has been sleeping in one for 3 months now since her crib was dismantled before the move.

  4. monkeetrouble7...I have to have it cool at night too. Farm Boy thinks I'm crazy cause I want it cold in the room with blankets on up to my chin. lol...

    Heather...It's ridiculous how many times that movie gets quoted during weather around my house. lol...

    Alexandra...We're going pretty good. Getting ready for a little trip to Oklahoma. Trying not to stress about packing and laundry and packing. Q-Tip's great!

    Erin...Q-Tip's never really had an issue with a pack n play thank the good Lord. I don't know what we would do cause she ain't sleepin with us! lol... Hope you get un-packed and settled quick! I HATE MOVING!!!!!