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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Back to the Prairie

We are headed back to the prairie this week y'all and we are counting down the minutes!

Back to see family.  Back to see friends.  Back to Oklahoma!

We have big plans for the next few days big plans! 

We are going to take Q-Tip out to the farm and ride tractors and see cows and donkey's and play in the's gonna be great!  She is gonna love it! 

So...that being said...the next few days I'm gonna be in and out.  You may not hear from me quite as often but I hope to have time to blog in the evenings after Q-Tip goes to bed.  At least that's the plan anyway. 

But you know how plans go sometimes...out the window with the dish water.  So cross your fingers.

Well...I'm off.  Off to pack and plan and plan and pack and try to fit the kitchen sink into the luggage.  Cause you know I'm a planner and a packer and I like to be prepared for whatever may come our way.  So ta ta my friends until we meet again! 

I will miss you forever,

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  1. Ooh - share photos! As a suburban girl I'm always intrigued by country life.

    Also by space travel, but that's a separate subject.