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Monday, June 7, 2010

There's No Place Like Home

We are home...thank the good Lord and the heavens above!

It was a long eventful week.  Not all events were pleasant. 

I feel like a total hypocrite because what I'm about to do is completely against my 52 week happiness project but let's just face it people...this little vacation was not a bowel of cherries.  I did however find at least 5 things...most be grateful for.  But I may or may not have had a smile on my face during the writing of it.

First of all...we had Q-Tip in a pack n' play in the same room with us during our trip.  And I am by no means knocking anyone else's decision to co-sleep but let me just tell ain't my cup o' tea.  Q-Tip's always been a sleep in her own bed in her own room sorta gal and mommy and daddy like it like that.  And I think she does too.  We all sleep better and Miss Q-Tip sleeps much longer that way...much...longer.  She woke up between 6:30 and 7 all week and at 6 the last day we were there.  She's usually an 8-8:30 sleeper...which I like...I like much.

We arrived in Waves, North Carolina on Saturday.  Waves is right next to you can't really tell where one begins and the other ends.  Rodanthe is where they filmed the movie...Nights in Rodanthe.  Which happened to come on TV during naptime while we were there.  Kinda funny.

Sunday morning we took Q-Tip to the beach and then that afternoon we took her swimming in the pool.  The pool was quite cold so she didn't want much to do with it after a little while.  I did take some picture...I will be posting them soon.

Sunday night we lost air conditioning on the top floor of our beach house.  Which just so happened to be the floor that we were staying on.  It being Sunday...and the next day being a holiday...we never got through to the property management people.  So therefore no one came to fix it until Tuesday evening.  And of course...the heat made everyone a little cranky.  And by everyone I mostly mean me.

Monday Farm Boy went on a deep sea fishing trip.  He loved every minute of it.  I'll be posting about it. 

Wednesday we took Q-Tip to the North Carolina Aquarium.  She loved it!!  TOTALLY loved it.  A post will be coming of was my favorite thing all week.

Thursday RH and I went and did some shopping.  They have lots of neat little stores out there that we simply had to hit.  One such store had some nifty little things in it from a company called Bad Girl Couture.  Well...the name alone says...I'll take one of everything please and thank you.  They had mugs and magnets, business card holders...flasks...etc.  After a quick internet search I've only found one website that carried it...check it out here

FYI...I want the tampon case that says...Aren't I just one big frickin' ray of sunshine?   

I need it...I just need it I tell you.

Friday we ended up having to take Q-Tip to the Urgent Care clinic.  Thank the good Lord for the nice staff they had.  They got us in and got us out in no time at all.  She had a minor ear infection...which is what I was afraid of.  I usually don't rush to the doctor at the first sign of a fever but I let her dunk her head in the pool and I sort of felt that nagging little feeling of...don't do it yet...but I did it anyway.  And...since it was Friday and we were traveling all day Saturday I didn't want to risk her not being able to recover from it on her own and end up miserable by Monday.  I'm glad we went ahead and took her. 

Ahhh and Saturday...Saturday we came home.  Home sweet home.

Back to my bath tub...and everything. 

But mostly....Q-Tip's toys & books. 

P.S.  Look for more detailed posts this week about our trip.  There's more to show and tell.

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