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Monday, June 14, 2010

Q-Tip The Marine Biologist

If my child doesn't end up to be a marine biologist I will be shocked.  Well...I will be even more shocked if she doesn't end up a veterinarian.  Which is what I wanted to be.

While on our trip to the outer banks we took Q-Tip to the North Carolina Aquarium.  And unfortunately...being the amateur photographer that I am...I had the settings on my camera wrong so the first few shots are blurry.  Go me!

Anyway so here we go...

She was quite nervous to touch this EXTREMELY lifelike alligator...I nearly lost it when I saw it...but after a second or two she became one with her tough girl side and reached out with a teeny tiny finger.

She couldn't get enough of the otters.  Although she kept calling them fish.  Or "pish" in Q-Tip language.

Speaking of pish....

She loved them...

Every single one of them...

We had to peel her out of there.


  1. OMG...she is soooooooooo cute! And stylish! Love the outfit :-)

  2. Thanks!! It's horrible to say but my child is way more stylish than I am! At least one of us is dressing well. lol... I have to say...I love this outfit too!! lol... I can NOT believe my child has white pants but they are so freakin cute I couldn't resist!