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Monday, June 28, 2010

P-Dub and Her Giveaways

I am a positive person.

A glass half FULL person.

A person that knows what she wants and can visualize it in my hands type person.

So tell me people...what the crap am I doing wrong?

P-Dub is over there at her place giving away pretty mixers and dutch ovens and don't even get me started on the amount of Kindle's I've tried to win wracking my brain on those EXTREMELY difficult quizzes. 

NOT to mention the fancy schmancy camera she gave away the other day.  I had that sucker hanging around my neck with a cutsie schmutzie camera strap like Katie's.  Check it out here.  By the way...I didn't win THAT giveaway either.

You know Katie right...from Confessions of a Young Married Couple.  Well if you don' must get to know her!  Her blog is uplifting, inspiring, and a wealth of information for mom's and really just women in general.  

So anyway...back to my predicament.  The camera...the beautiful, beautiful camera that I so desperately need!  You see...I just know I am a master photographer somewhere deep down inside.  I just haven't had the opportunity to develop my skills because I am limited to a point and shoot that drives me crazy!  

And the iPad's...the beautiful, beautiful iPad's.  I'm certain that my blog reading would expand by leaps and bounds giving me ample opportunity to read more blogs and of course leave some comment love with the arrival of an iPad on my doorstep.   

*loong deep sigh*

*inhale*...*chin up*...

Enough whining.   

I have to get back to visualizing that iPad in my lap.  And just so ya know...I've already got the next fancy schmancy camera she gives away hanging around my neck and as a matter of's already got some rather remarkable photos of Q-Tip on it! 

Don't ya just love awesome giveaways?! 

Ree...*visualize her reading, visualize her reading*...thanks for always giving away cool stuff!!  You are a significantly significant person and a bright shiny spot and I love ya! 


  1. I am always so so sad when I don't win P.Dub's giveaways... oh how I want that camera to be mine!!! Good luck gettin' yours!!

  2. *We are winners* *We are winners* *We are winners* *We are winners* *We are winners*

    keep repeating...

  3. I too wanted the camera...actually I would have been content with just the PhotoShop, but the Camera would have been icing on the cake!! I love love love the stuff that PW gives away...I'm there daily to read her posts. Matter of fact, that's how I found your blog. I'm glad I did. I love your writing style and your openness. You make me want to blog even though my life really isn't much to blog about. Well, enough of that. Have a blessed day!!!

  4. Oh man, I wanted that camera too. And you know something about that last question giveaway - or one of the last? where she wasn't showing any responses but yours? I thought I was first. I was nuts with excitement.

    And it took me an hour and a ton of hyperventilating to go back and look and when I was still the only one I reread it and realized - omg. Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.....

    I so hear you...

    I just happened on your blog this morning and SO hear you....


  5. Heather…sometimes I feel a tiny bit downhearted when I don’t win. BUT…someday we will win!! Oh yes we will! Cause…we are winners, we are winners, we are winners… :-)

    Thanks Pam! LYMI

    Lacey…if you want to blog…blog away girl! My life isn’t exactly exciting either. I may just be a bit…ugh…dramatic. But don’t tell anyone I said that! Cause I’m not…I’m not!! :-) Thanks so much for the compliment! I’m glad you enjoy reading. It is that reason alone that I sit here staring at the blank computer screen some days and eventually force myself to pull something out of my craziness to write about.

    Tracy…I KNOOOW the feeling of P-Dub excitement and hyperventilation! The day she started following me on Twitter I thought it might do me in. Isn’t that silly…I have no idea why. Except for the fact that she is so cool and funny and my idol and all. Lol… :-)