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Monday, June 21, 2010

In The Name of All That Is Random....

It's Monday once again folks...not sure if I should be happy or cry. 

1. The weather app on my phone says that is it 87's lying...I know it's lying.  It's just trying to sucker me in to going to the playground or something...NOT HAPPENIN!  It's got to be at least 99.6 out there.

2. I met with a personal trainer this morning for the first time ever.  I'm nervously excited about getting myself on track and taking control of my hiney!  I will keep you apprised of the situation that is Operation Hiney Control 2010.

3. Friday afternoon Q-Tip cut her nap short...really short.  Which meant I didn't get to post.  And...I've totally forgotten what I wanted to say.  Largely due to the fact that she was crying her poor baby eyes out.  Somewhere in the day she had developed ANOTHER ear infection.  If you will recall she just had one 2 weeks ago!  Either we have a serious problem or amoxicillin doesn't work for her.  She's only had it twice...WEIRD!  We are going to the doctor tomorrow for her check-up...I've got about a million questions.  Get ready Doc...I'm comin at ya!

4. Is it weird to wear Spanx to the gym?  Cause I really want to wear Spanx to the gym.

5. Our pest control people came out today to renew our contract.  We don't have termites...that's a plus. 

6. We are going to Oklahoma for a family reunion in August.  I've already got anxiety over packing.  Plus Farm Boy sprang it on me that he wants to drive.  He's got a couple of reasons that are valid.  But does anyone else remember the 25 Hour Tour???  Cause it seems like it was just yesterday for me!!!  I SAID I WOULD NEVER DO IT AGAIN!  I'm going to start having severe flashbacks any moment...someone send help fast.

7. It took me almost all day to clean house on Saturday and it really sucked.  Have I mentioned lately that I want a housekeeper?  Cause I really, really, really want a housekeeper. 

That is all for today.  I'm going to go hide under my bed now until October so I don't have to worry about traveling by air or car to Oklahoma in August.

Ta Ta


  1. I Snorted my diet coffee when I read #4 !! I have been VERY tempted to wear spanx to the gym too! Haha. Love your list. - I feel for you in the ear infection realm too ... my son (now 4 1/2) had a lot of them ... but has "grown out" of it I think. Good Luck to you - and the Dr! LoL. ~ Laura

  2. Glad I could be of service Laura! Nothin like a good beverage snort on a Mondy!

    Maybe we should design special Spanx like undies for the gym...sounds like an un-tapped market to me!

    Unless they are out there and I just don't know about it...which is highly possible!