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Friday, June 25, 2010

Five Years Ago On This Very Day

Five years ago on this very day...
someone drove a tractor to a church. sister-in-law...
made some really beautiful cakes.

Farm Boy and I got all dressed up.

We pledged our eternal love.

We prayed. the blink of an eye...
I had married my very best friend.

I have never been so grateful in all my life!

Thank you Farmer Boy for always
loving me in spite of my sometimes
craziness, my sometimes air headedness,
and my sometimes forgetfulness.

Thank you for being the husband of my dreams and 
the kind of father to my babies that I have always prayed for.

I love you more than life itself.

Happy 5th Anniversary!


P.S. I'm very sorry that I forgot. 
Even if it was only until you said it this morning.


  1. Happy Anniversary!! Love that cake topper!! And the tractor...LOVE IT!

  2. Five years ago on this very day...Someone crashed your after party! Me :-) Congratulations to both of you! Keep on doing what your doing, it's working well!

  3. What a beautiful couple you are!

    The cakes are beautiful, too. Did she make the topping of the bride dragging the groom? I have never seen anything like that!

    Linda (GillLink)

  4. Thank you Holly and Linda!

    Linda...I bought the statue of the bride dragging the groom at Michael's and then my mom and I painted over the groom's tuxedo to make it a John Deere shirt and jeans. We painted the base of it to make it look like dirt. And then I painted the flowers around the bottom of the brides dress to make it look like my dress. I was quite the process but worth it! It was unique and we loved it. I meant for it to look like the bride was dragging the groom off the tractor to the church.

    Anna...I'm SO glad you did! It's amazing how many friends we had there that night and as fate would have it...even friends that we would make in the future!! I'm happy that I can say you were there! :-) Thank you!!

  5. Thank you my love. I will always love you.

    Your husband

  6. I can't handle how many cakes/how adorable they were!

    I mean, that's just perfect.