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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Don't Tell Me I Can't Have It!

I don't know about y'all but I am the type of person that does not like to be told...


You can't do that...

You'll never find it...

You've had enough...

Or just in general be bossed around.  It simply becomes a challenge to me.  A challenge to do it, or get it, or have it if I darn well please.

So yesterday I went to Toys R Us to get this...
(Sorry for the fuzziness but you get the picture)

But when I got there I saw this...
And I thought to myself...

Self...that looks a whole lot cooler than the little one with one bucket, a polar bear, walrus, and a penguin.  I think Q-Tip would like that a whole lot better. 

I pondered this for a few minutes because...hold onto yourself...the pirate ship was twice as much as the little one. 

But it was SO much bigger.  And it has a cannon that shoots water and a shark that shoots water and all these little wheels and do-dads and anchors that go up and down and the mast goes up and down and cups and slides and pirates AND...a running water fountain!

I mean really...the fountain alone is worth it.  Don't ya think? 

So...I call Farm Boy.  He's like whatever.  So I ponder and I ponder and finally I picked up that little piece of paper and said to heck with it...she's gonna love this thing dad-gummit!

So I march up to the check-out counter all happy and excited to take that puppy home and start sailing the seven seas.  The cashier tells me she needs to take the slip to the customer service counter to have them pull it from the back.  Okay cool...hurry it up...times a'wastin. 

And I'm watching...and their calling people...and their shaking their heads...and I start thinking...

HELLS BELLS...their out of them.  How long is it gonna take to get one.  Grrrrr....

The poor little girl comes back and tells me...we're out.  We can't even order it.  The warehouse doesn't even have them.

And then I proceed to get a little...pissed off. 

Now it wasn't the girls fault I know and I told her I understood that it wasn't her fault but dad-gum...someone needs to take the 1000 little slips of paper off the display that says they are in the back.  It just ain't right getting a parents hopes up about the hours and hours of endless joy and entertainment that their child is going to get from the super cool pirate ship water table!

And I wanted to try that water shooting cannon out for pete's sake! 

Not to mention the fact I spent 20 minutes over there talking myself into the dang thing.

Now this just ain't right I'm tellin ya.

So I told her I was sorry for being bitchy and she said she totally understood.  And then I told her if I find a pirate ship somewhere else I'm bringing the crappy little one back.  She said that was fine.

So we left with the little one and I came straight home...put Q-Tip down for her nap and proceeded to scour the internet looking for the super cool water shooting pirate ship. 

Well...there ain't none to be found people!  NONE! 

You can't even get them from Little Tikes.  They are sold OUT. 

Well guess what that does to just makes it a challenge.  It just makes me spend hours and hours looking in every nook and cranny of every website out there and calling every store within a hundred miles looking for that damn water shooting pirate ship. 

It has consumed me...I'm on a freakin mission I tell you. 

I don't know what I'm gonna do with the little crappy one I bought when I do find the pirate ship.  Cause I will ya know...eventually.  I have to open the one I did get and let her play with it.  I don't want half the summer to go by without her having any kind of water table.  That just wouldn't be right.

In the mean-time...until I find one...I'm sure Q-Tip will have a glorious time with the little crappy one.  She won't even know she's missing the water shooting cannon and fountain.  Yes, yes I know all this.  And I know it's not good that such things consume me and I don't like to be told that I can't have something.  And I know it's not good that I am consumed with my child having ANOTHER material possession. 

But DANG y' has a fountain and everything!!


I opened the little crappy one this morning and filled it with water so it would be nice for after naptime.  There's no taking it back now.

I decided to go to Little Tikes website last night and sign up for the "notify me when it becomes available" service.  Of course thinking that it would never happen. 

They sent me an email TODAY!  TODAY people.  I've already opened the little crappy one...can't take it back...and I want that damn water shooting, flowing fountain, pirate ship!



  1. I completely sympathize - I don't think anyone likes being told no!

    And I fully support your mission, that pirate ship looks freaking awesome!

  2. I'd totally take the little one back...and they'd be glad to have it by the time I left there - if you know what I mean...

  3. Megan...Thanks Megan! :-)

    Pam-tastic...I've thought about it...REALLY thought about it. But then I thought about where we would store it during the winter and blah, blah, blah. I'm sure I'll keep the little crappy one. But it pains me...oh how it pains me!