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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Bad Angel

Music is a passion for both Farm Boy and I.

We generally stick with the countrier side of things but have all sorts of stuff in our iTunes library. 

We have been music lovers from day one.  Listening to live music was one thing we did on a REGULAR basis when we were dating. 

Someday I'll share pictures from those days but I'm not sure if anyone would be prepared for them on a Tuesday. 

So for today...I am going to share a new song we discovered last night.

It is on Dierks Bentley's new CD entitled Up On The Ridge.  It's sort of Bluegrassy...which we love...but not all people do. 

My BFF Miranda Lambert as well as Jamey Johnson are backing up Dierks on this one...even better.  Cause you know with Miranda singing on's gonna be dang good.  And it is.

The name of the song is Bad Angel.  It was written by Verlon Thompson and Suzi Ragsdale. 

Here are the lyrics...

Bad angel get off my shoulder
Bad angel let me be
I’m standing at the crossroads
Of temptation and salvation street

I woke up bound and determined
That I would not light it up today                    SUNG BY DIERKS
But one drag would stop my shaking
Right now I could go either way


Well the cap is on the bottle
And the bottle is on the shelf                   SUNG BY MIRANDA
Should I take it or leave it
Honey how am I gonna help myself


Well I know I should not gamble
Cause I can’t afford to lose                            SUNG BY JAMEY
She’d hang me from the rafters
With the laces in my old workin’ shoes


Yes I’m standing at the crossroads
Of temptation and salvation
Temptation and salvation
Temptation and salvation street

You can listen to 29 seconds of it by clicking here...which will take you to Dierks' website.  Click on the music tab and there are little snipits of some of the songs from the album there. 

But just so ya know...the 29 seconds doesn't do it justice. 

And just in case you could care less about country music or this is one picture of Farm Boy and I at a Reckless Kelly of our favorite bands.  This particular picture was taken at Tumbleweeds Dance Hall in Stillwater, Oklahoma.  Ohhh how we miss it! 

This was quite a long time ago but for some reason it feels like yesterday. 

We were doing what we did best in those days...having a great time and singing along with every song.

And drinking a beer or two...or three.  But absolutely no more than five! 

And maybe a shot or two. 

But that's it I swear!


  1. love it! it doesn't get much better than reckless kelly shows. :)

  2. Hey! I know those people in that pic!!! I think I might had a beer, or more than five (and maybe a shot) with them before...they are some FUN people!!!