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Friday, June 11, 2010

Another "Milestone" Reached Today...And One I Wish We Hadn't

Today has been a busy day. 

Carter's is having a 70% off sale and y'all...I just had to go.  I like to shop the end of season sales for Q-Tip's clothes for the next year.  I missed out this past winter on getting next winter's stuff.  And I'm gonna be cussing when it rolls around...mark my words. I got her some really cute...CHEAP...stuff and I was happy.  We got home just in time for a good nap before our MOPS end of the year picnic this evening.

While she napped I fiddled on the computer awhile and then I got myself all ready to go.  Laid out our a fruit plate ready...etc.  I heard her waking up and she almost immediately started whining.  Or at least I thought she had just woke up. 

So I go into her room and I'm immediately greeted with that all too familiar after nap smell of a poopy diaper. 

Now in a mother's least in mine...when you smell a poopy diaper you think...well, she pooped, everything is working correctly. 

So I pick her up, lay her on the changing table, flip on her lamp, look down....

NO DIAPER!!!!!!!!!

I stand there for a second...and contemplate hyper-ventilating....and then I contemplate putting her clothes on and pretending that I had not been presented with this situation.

Then I seriously contemplate not looking at the bed.  Because...



But with out another thought I made a tragic mistake and turned around.



And then I ever so calmly...FREAKED OUT!

It was a crisis of epic proportions I tell you!

I don't have time for this!  We need to be leaving now. 

Do I put her in the tub?  Do I give her a sponge bath?  Dear Lord in heaven is it on her hands?  Is it in her hair?  Dare I it on her face or mouth?  I would die...just die.  What do I do?  What the hell do I do?  Do I change her sheets now?  Oh my heavens is it on her favorite blanket? 


I cleaned it up the best I could at the moment.  There wasn't really any evidence of it on her body anywhere so I just washed her down as quickly as possible.  I changed her clothes and headed out the door for the picnic.  Stressed out and ready for an adult beverage.  Yet knowing there would be none at the picnic.

I successsfully get out the door without a blanket...or our chairs...or the fruit plate.

I forgot everything but Q-Tip and the diaper bag.  Which is a plus I guess.

Oh yes and we arrived at the picnic a fashionably...40 minutes late.

And then I proceeded to chase her around for the next hour and half or so. 

We end up getting home just in time to be 20 minutes late for bedtime.  I still had to change her sheets and blankets.  Needless to say she didn't get in bed until 9 or so...making bath time especially pleasant. 

So my dear friends...this all leaves me exhausted, semi-stressed out, and ready to go to bed.  And I know I'm going to suffer extreme guilt and frustration but there ain't no way in H-E-double hockey sticks I'm going to do the Shred tonight.  

Call me a me a wimp...  I. DON'T. CARE.

Nighty Night

P.S.  Important lesson learned today...CHECK. 

Q-Tip will NEVER...I repeat NEVER go to bed for ANY amount of time without pants on.  And I'm seriously considering onesies from here on out.

I don't do poop outside of diapers.


  1. I won't bore you with the time that Liv had a "blow out" of epic proportions in her crib...but she also pooped in the bathtub one time...little floaters - it was a blast! Not! Hang in there mom - she'll be potty trained one day - LOL.

  2. While we are on the poop at the local splash park there was the cutest little girl wearing a yellow tu-tu bathing suit (from old navy, I know this cuz my daughter has the same in pink)she strolled from the splash park to the play equip., climbed up and sat on the platform for a moment........when she got up you could see a smash brown matter in the seat of her bathing suit. Had to laugh..........until I picked up my daughter and realized she had done the same, but thankfully she wasn't wearing her pink bathing suit, but her navy blue one and we've been eating a lot of cheese lately so it was a fairly contained, self-inclusive problem, so very easy to clean up in the public restroom........sorry, just had to share!!!!

  3. Anna...I'm seriously starting to consider a mandatory potty training seminar for Miss Q-Tip. lol... :-)

    AnnieChaps...Again...I think I might have died! Funny story but believe I will keep in mind the first time I put her in a bathing suit without a Huggies swimmer on underneath. I don't do poop outside of diapers!! :-)

  4. Oh poop outside of diapers! Another "joy" I will soon be looking forward to experiencing, NOT!

  5. Ahhh yes. Well never take it for granted that your child has never acted interested in taking her/his diaper off. Apparently they can decide these things at the drop of a hat. :-)