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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Yes...I'm That Crazy

This is the part where I confess just how crazy I really am. 

Or at least Farm Boy thinks I'm crazy.  Well...he thinks this part of me is crazy.

I am a matcher people. 

I like things to match.

I NEED things to match.

Like...light switch plates for example.

When we moved to Maryland last year we bought a townhouse that was built in 1977.  It has been updated over time here and there with things like carpet, paint, tile, etc.  It is in very good condition and I really can't complain. 

But this tiny little flaw along with a few others...makes me freakin CRAZY!!

There are SEVERAL, and I mean SEVERAL different types of light switch plates in this house. 

For example...
We have the lovely beige ceramic...
The lovely gold with the flat switches...
The lovely gold with the regular switches...
Brushed nickel...
White ceramic...
White plastic with flat switches...
White metal...
And my personal favorite...white plastic with regular switches...

It's too much...too much people!  I can't stand it!!  Uniformity...I need uniformity in my light switches!!

Luckily...Farm Boy heard my pleas and saw the anxiety that so violently plagued me.  So while on a trip to Lowe's he bought all of this....

And thank the good Lord above he did! 

We are keeping some of the flat switches since they are white...much to my dismay...but I had to choose my battles y'all.  He did however agree to change out all the old beige plugs and switches and put in new white ones and get white switch and plug plates for everything. 

My mental health thanks him!

If you follow me on Twitter you may remember the day that Farm Boy started this project.  I was quite concerned for his safety when he started changing the switches and plugs out.

It made me a tiny bit nervous.
I didn't think anything of it until he started giving me the...
if I get shocked tackle me, don't push me...speech.
After that I felt I might need an adult beverage
to continue on.
One day soon...we will have uniformity in
all the switches, plugs, and plates.
The uniformity that my mental health so
desperately needs!
*Cue the orchestra...start Hallelujah Chorus*


Until then...I'll be hanging out in Crazyville.  Feel free to come by and visit!!

Ta Ta

P.S.  You think this was bad...wait until you see the 1,000 different kinds of door knobs we have.  Oh...and the HIDEOUS...I mean beautiful chandelier we had in the dining room...until a couple of days ago. gave me the willies just lookin at it. 

Bye now...really.


  1. Just saw this in google reader, and have to tell you, loved it! I am so with you on this driving you nuts. I should start taking photos... And I am equally very impressed with Farm Boy. Good job.

  2. Personally, I can't believe you lasted this long with un-matching switches...i'm just sayin'...

  3. K...Farm Boy is talented indeed. He's got know how in all sorts of areas. Thank heavens!

    Oh the stress and anxiety it has give me y'all! We are almost finished now thank heavens and I will finally have peace!

    It's been a long hard road lookin at those gold switch plates.