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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Ya Missed Me Didn't Ya?

Hi y'all!!  Did ya miss me? 

You did didn't you? 

It's don't have to admit it out loud.  I can tell by the earnestness of your little mouse clicks on my blog that you did!  That's so sweet!  I love y'all too!   

I've been riding the crazy train back and forth to Crazyville for awhile sorry for my lack of semi-decent reading material the past few days. 

This house has been frocked with illness, visitors, traveling, electricians, and pure-d-ol craziness. 

But here is a brief synopsis of the recent events...

My mom was here for almost three weeks visiting.  It was nice having her here.  We went shopping; we played with Q-Tip, went on walks, toured museums in DC...and spent a week of her wonderful stay...sick on the couch.  That's right...sick and feeling like dookie.  Q-Tip got it first, then me, then Mom, then Farm Boy.  It was a nasty cold, sinus, fever, coughing, horrible sickness that stuck around for quite some time.  Matter of fact I'm STILL blowing my nose.  But we are mostly all back to our normal selves.  And praise be for that!

Farm Boy, Q-Tip and I went to North Caroline for a few days while mom was here.  We had already planned the trip when she decided to come but she came anyway.  And it worked out really well.  Mom stayed home and took care of the Queen and therefore she wasn't bothered with leaving her comfortable surroundings and having to scold us for leaving her in the car when we made a pit stop.  We  She was never so grateful.  Our trip was awesome and therefore needs it's very own post.  Look for it in the next few days!

We have been doing a few home improvement projects here and there the past few days as well.  I will also be posting all about it and divulging a rather embarrassing fact about me and my OCD as well.  Here's a teaser for ya....light switch plates...chandeliers....ceiling fans. 

I know you are absolutely chewing your freshly manicured fingernails off with the suspense aren't you? 

And I will leave you with that for the day.  I have TONS...I mean TONS...of blog reading to do myself and nap time is almost over. 

I tell you I've been busy y'all! 

Just so you will get the picture...I haven't even had the chance to read P-Dub's blog!! 


It's a tragedy...pure and simple.  No one person should be to busy to read P-Dub's blog. 

So goodbye my friends and I'll be back tomorrow! 

Cue...orchestra...breaking out into song...NOW...

I love ya tomorrow...
It's only a day away...


Okay I'll quite now.

Ta Ta


  1. Glad you're feeling better and had a nice visit with your mom! oh, and had a good vacation. Those are the better things in life (except the sick part :)than reading blogs :)

    It will take a week to catch up with P-Dub's postings! I work full-time and after our extended Easter weekend trip I was surprised at how much time it took to catch up with the five blogs I read regularly!!! I acknowledge my "addiction" to blog-reading and keep fighting the urge to start one!

    Linda (GillLink)

  2. Thanks Linda!! You should start one!! It's fun and easy to keep your family in the loop of what's going on in your life. I LOVE IT!

    Thanks for stopping by! :-)