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Monday, May 17, 2010

We Love Strawberries

If you live in the state of North Carolina and you've never been to Smith's Nursery and eaten their luscious need to STOP...stop what you are doing and go there now! 

Because the strawberry days are numbered folks...and you do NOT know what you are missing!

You absolutely haven't lived until you've eaten their sweet juicy goodness. 

Before I tell you about our visit I need to tell you how mad I am at myself for not taking more pictures.  I just can't figure out how to chase a toddler and take cute pictures at the same time. It's difficult for me y'all.  BUT...luckily...they have a photo gallery on their website so you can see some of them there

You really need to go there anyway and read about all the things there are to do at Smith's Nursery.  They have a fishing pond that is LOADED with fish. They have strawberry picking in the spring, pumpkin picking in the fall, and great field trips for kids.  But don't take my word for it...check it out for yourself! 

Above all...I really must tell you that the Smith's are just good people.  Good people to the core and we love them! 

Q-Tip picked her first strawberry at Smith's and there is no where else on earth I would have wanted it to be.

Here she is toting her buckets around. 
She insisted upon carrying both herself. 

We made a stop by the chicken coop to visit the chickens.
And then Q-Tip broke out in song...
it sounded something like this.
chick, chick...E-I-E-I-O...chick, chick....E-I-E-I-O
Watch our Taylor've got some competition!

Then we made a pit stop to look at
some pretty flowers on the way to the goat pen. pictures of the goat pen.
I know...I'm mad at me too.
But here she is on the way.
When we got there she was overcome with excitement. 
She squealed and danced a little jig followed by...HI GOATS! 
And then we hit rewind and saw it again
when she saw the donkey...HI DONKEY!

Then we headed to the berries.  The sweet, wonderful berries.
Q-Tip loved every minute of it.
And we tried not to eat any in the field but...
there were a few casualties along the way.
This behavior is not encouraged...
but we are weak, very weak y'all.

After a little picking...we decided to call it a day and go buy a flat of strawberries that had already been picked. 

The truth is...through my sunglasses Q-Tip was starting to look a little bit like a strawberry.  I was a little worried she was getting sunburned.  I had dipped her in sunblock like a chocolate dip cone at Dairy Queen before we got there but the anxiety was getting to be too much.  So we headed in from the field.

And then we were united with this little piece of heaven...

And we bought pound cake there...cause we could.  Cause the Smith's are cool like that!  They've got everything you could need people.  And I hate to break this to you but your life isn't complete until you've had pound cake from there.  Ohhh the heaven that it is!

They have added a few things to their list of retail items since we lived there.  They have organic milk in glass bottles, ice cream and cheese all made at the same dairy.  They also have fresh vegetables that come from the farmers market in Raleigh.  As well as a few other things that are all just a bunch of wonderful!

We went back to visit the next day...bought 4 more flats of strawberries...and got a few pictures on the pretty red tractor.  Q-Tip thought she was hot stuff sittin up on that tractor...that alone made her trip worth it!  Not counting all the berries we've eaten since then of course.

It was a great trip and I'm so thankful we had the chance to go back and visit our friends!

There is nothing in the world like having wonderful friends...

and scrumptious strawberries of course!


  1. They certainly don't have berries like that at my local grocer...I think I may to have to complain...loudly...and often...and start a petition...and form a picket my congressman...get on the local news... could just send me some and save me all that trouble :-)

  2. Megan,
    I'm'so glad that you spent time at the farm! We loved seeing you, Troy & Q-tip (perfect nickname!) We miss you guys.
    much love,

  3. I love the photo of Q-Tip walking along looking like she's swinging the buckets while singing Hi Goats! Enjoy the moments!

    I'm catching up reading my 5 favorite blogs after not doing so since Tuesday. We were in Houston and I honestly thought I saw Q-Tip. That little girl looked so much like her that I looked up expecting to meet you (just think, you meeting P-Dub but without the tears),

    Linda (GillLink)