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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

That Ever So Elusive Sun-Kissed Look

I was once a LOVER...and I do mean LOVER of the tanning bed.

There were so many things that made our love affair so breathtakingly wonderful.

The beautiful sun-kissed look it provides.

That...'I am the hottest bitch in here' feeling when you don't have any tan lines.

Nice clear make-up needed.

I could go on and on and on.

Well one fine day...I was watching Oprah.  And...I'm sure you could never guess...they were talking about the signs and symptoms of skin cancer.

And then I said...

Hells bells.

And then I made an appointment with a dermatologist.  And then I waited 2 months for my appointment date to FINALLY arrive.

And dear friends were one heck of a LONG two months.

Turns little freckle of suspicion was in fact not just a freckle.  After he gouged out a piece of flesh and sent it off...they found that it wasn't cancer...thank God...but it did have some "abnormal" cells or something of that nature in it. 

And that is when the good doctor informed me that if I continued on with this affair...there was a very high probability that skin cancer would be in my future.  And with that news came the saddening revelation that my love affair with the tanning bed was over.

I mourned for a little while.  And then I went through the stages of grief like any normal tan loving woman would.  Denial...anger...

And then I love affair wasn't giving me anything I couldn't live without and I certainly could live without cancer.  I mean really...who wants that creepin in and ruining your day...NOT ME!

So...I broke it off.  And I've never seen it since.  The tanning bed that is.

Oh I've had my moments of...oh a couple times won't hurt...just for a little while...a couple times a week can't give me cancer.

And then I look at my scar.  The one I got when the doctor got confused and started mining for gold.  And I remember that I could do without anymore of THAT!

I will admit that I still long for that sun-kissed look. 

I've tried the spray on tan stuff at the tanning salon and it was okay.  I only went twice so I probably can't really give it a fair assessment.  I've also tried a few of the self tanner lotions and sprays.  They are okay as well.  A word of warning need a good system when applying or you're going to have streaks and dark spots and they are NOT attractive.  And...use it sparingly...too much and you'll look like a dried up orange peel.

My latest purchase is the Jergens brand Natural Glow lotion.  I like it okay and have used it for awhile.  Well...not in awhile but have used it in the past for awhile.  I just bought my first bottle for this season the other day.  I've used one application so far and can definitely see a difference. 

Although I've also realized I totally forgot what my system was.  SO...if you see pics of me in the coming weeks...please spare me the agony and don't look too may see some evidence of trial and error while re-discovering my self-tanner application system.

So I ask you dear friends...

What is your method of achieving that ever so elusive sun-kissed look? 

Or do you just say to hell with it?  Which is what I said last year. 

Please do tell!


  1. Ah, I always wish I had the committment to do something like fake tan, but then if I was going to put time into my appearance, I should probably start by shaving and brushing my hair.

    Oh yes, I'm sexy.

  2. I too (sadly) have given up on the tanning beds *sniff*...*sniff*... My solution? The "tan in a can" self tanner method. I'll admit that I wasn't very good at it in the beginning, but after a little practice I feel like I do pretty good. I recommend the Loreal Sublime lotion and the Neutrogena Spray Mist. I use the lotion on my legs and arms...rub it in reeeeeeeal good and use the spray to "fill in" everywhere else. It certainly doesn't look as good as a "real" tan...but I wear a skirt almost everyday of my life and I think it looks pretty good on my legs. You have to also be careful with the lotion on your feet and ankles, so I rub only a very little bit there and then use the spray to even it out.

    Anyhoo...that's my sun-less solution... that is all - over and out good buddy :-)

  3. Just enjoy having that beautiful fair complexion. I'm sure you have been complimented because there are many who would like to have it! Like you I was born blonde (altho I helped it in my youth and am still ashe blonde) and have a very fair complexion. I burned badly when I went to the beach so was never interested in tanning. When tanning beds came along they never interested me because I knew the cancer connection. I am concerned because our daughters enjoy the tanning beds!!