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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Our Time on the Gintner

My rock star status from yesterday faded away a little today.
I was stressed.
Stressed about dogs, weather, demanding name it.
If I could drop something I dropped it, if Q-Tip could spill it she did...ya know, one of THOSE days.
HOWEVER...around 9 PM Eastern Standard Time the wind changed direction.
Through the stress and the worry...I started laughing.
My dear friend Pam-tastic sent me an instant message and it went up-hill from there.
Now there was some significant weather in Oklahoma today...where she lives...and she was relaying to me via instant messenger the goings on.
We were discussing the various terms that the weathermen in Oklahoma use when there is such weather. We heard a few old ones. Such as....
"Hook Echo" and "Supercell".
And we learned a few news ones. Such as...
"Gintner"...which we didn't know what the heck meant until I sent out a distress signal on Facebook...apparently it is a communication line used to radio in to the station. Or so I'm told.
And apparently...annnnyone who is annnyone is on the "Gintner". Which is where we now want to be. Because dad-gummit we're important! And we need a "Gintner".
So I think we're gonna make up our own "Gintner". Cause we're cool like that.
We also heard another new one that we are going to use until hell freezes over I'm sure of it. It is…
"Significantly Significant"
Now...before I go on I need to tell you that when the "conditions are favorable" for "tornadic activity" the weathermen in Oklahoma get ALL kinds of excited.
We sometimes call this condition of excitement....the weatherman woody.
Now see they get the weatherman woody and then they start talking fast and they're clicking from one screen to the next and they are flashing colors and tracking movement and blurting out all sorts of meteorological terms and sometimes they start yelling and not finishing sentences and telling people they need to get under their houses.....
It can cause anxiety in an otherwise calm, cool, and collected individual and I ain't kiddin!
So...during a moment of the aforementioned condition one of the more well known meteorologists said...and I quote..."the storm that is moving to the northeast is "significantly significant". Or something like that…you get the picture.

Significantly significant...let's just ponder that for a moment shall we.....

And then we are going to steal it...cause we love it. And a phrase such as that is just what we were missing in our lives! Because what can be more explanatory than...significantly significant?! friends...shall be used in everyday language from this day forth and shall be used only under significantly significant conditions! Which possibly may be...all the freakin time!

P.S. I'm starting a memoir tomorrow...entitled..."Our Time on the Gintner". I'll be looking for publishers by tomorrow afternoon. Any takers? It's gonna make a gazillion dollars I just know it!

P.P.S.  I really love the weathermen in Oklahoma.  There is nothing like them anywhere in this country.  Believe me...I know.  They are GRRReat! 

~*UPDATE*~  I have since learned from a very reliable source that the gentner...spelled a phone system storm trackers call into so they can get their voices on the air.  But apparently they don't really use it anymore but still use the term.  Which I can understand why...I mean really...who doesn't want to be on the Gentner?


  1. I like "gintner" better - kinda has that Larry the Cable Guy spin on it. LOL.

  2. Wow....that's all I can say.... This article IS Significantly significant!

    Anna's husband.... ;)

  3. I'm with you Anna! I like Gintner better...for the same reason.

    Thanks for visiting Anna's husband!! :-)

  4. There is one other "signficantly significant" part of this scenario that I find so amuzing. These woody weathermen have more electronic equipment than the Apple Store and they are surrounded by no less than 10 computer monitors constantly feeding them storm data...I'm certain that if ever needed any one of these guys could land the space shuttle for NASA if there was ever a power outtage at the Kennedy Space Center due to the amount of computers they have. So why, dear friends, with possessing all of the lastest and greatest equipment do they still have the clicker in their hand the resembles a remote I had for my console television circa 1985? I just don't get it? Was there such a sale at Sears that they have 1,000 or so of these in the store room? Did it come with the Gintner? Or does it just go better with their tie? I just don't get it...

  5. I am so glad you are going to find a way to make that gazillion since you promised me a million dollars of it. :)