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Saturday, May 29, 2010

My Flip Flops and a Vat of P-Dub Sangria are Calling My Name

I've got a bag with a few clothes...some diapers...some wipes...and a giganto bottle of sun block and I'm ready to go to the beach.

Ha...if that were only true. 

Now you know from my post a couple days ago that I have a significantly significant amount of baggage and what-not packed and ready for our little trip.  We are ready for almost any scenario imaginable.

The Yukon is going to earn its keep tomorrow I'll tell ya that.  Poor thing might end up squatting a little before it's all over with.  But she'll make it...she will...she's tough.

We are headed to the Outer Banks people and we are a tiny bit excited about it.  There is only one drawback....I'm not going to have a computer with me.  The hard-drive on our laptop decided to check out a couple months back.  I have no idea what we did wrong.  We took care of it.  Gave it a good home.  We didn't over stimulate it and give it to much information.  The pansy ass.

Anyway, so it's dead now and there is nothing to do but move on and buy a new one.  Which ain't cheap.  So...I will have no computer on my trip.  I will however have my handy dandy backflip and it should be a good girl and let me post a word or two each day.  Hopefully a pic of Q-Tip sportin her new swimsuit.  I've seen a preview and she's a showstopper in it...yes-sir-re-bob. 

If the backflip decides to be a thorn in my side and resist these won't be hearing from me here for a few days.  I will be tweeting look for me there.

Ta Ta my friends!  I will raise a glass of Sangria in your honor while I'm away.

Miss me.

Goodbye forever but only a day...hopefully...


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  1. Checking in girlfriend.

    Enjoy the change of scenery.