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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Midnight in Moscow...Fightin The Mom Blob

My friend RH called me Friday night and asked me if I wanted to go shopping the next day. 

My calm, cool, and collected reply...


So we did.  And it did a body good! 

I bought some long sought after valances for the living room and a new shirt and some new pants and some hair product called...Deva Curls....which was just what I was missing in my life I'm sure of it.

But the most important purchases I made were two bottles of nail polish. 

I have recently decided that I like dark nail polish...REALLY dark nail polish.  I used to strictly be a hot pink kind of girl...summer or winter.  But I'm exploring the wild side these days and going with the darker stuff...and I like it. 

My two new favorites...both OPI brand...Midnight in Moscow and Lincoln Park After Midnight.

Saturday night after my little shopping extravaganza I decided while Farm Boy and I watched our nightly television that I would paint my nails and toes.  Something I have not done in QUITE some time. 

Now I have to ask myself...why?  Why don't I do this for myself on a regular basis?

Is it because I've been a borderline "mom blob" for the past...I don't even want to admit.

You know what a mom blob is right?

Getting up everyday...doing what needs to be done...

not fixing your make-up...

haven't shaved your legs in a week...I have shaved my legs...I can't sleep with myself if I don't.

But you get the point right...just going through the motions doing what needs to be done day in and day out...and not feeling real good and especially not feeling very pretty.

I've sort of been feeling like that off and on for awhile.

Well...I painted my nails Saturday night dad gummit! 

A lovely shade of Midnight in Moscow I might add...and I'm feelin pretty darn good about it!

AND...I wore a new outfit to church Sunday morning...WITH freshly painted nails and toes! 

Farm Boy said I looked nice that morning!  He even said I looked HOT that night!

And me...I'm feeling like a freakin rock star! 

Sittin here in my yoga pants and up in a mess...

with Midnight in Moscow on my fingers and toes!

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  1. I think we all "mom blog" from time to time. Now I'm off to take a nice soak in a bubble bath!