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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

In My Former Life...

Back in the summer of '69...just kidding...2007 I took a little trip to Nashville Tennessee Music City USA with my friend Pam-tastic and her my friend...Anna.  We were going to Fan Fair and it was gonna be a 'large weekend'...if you know what I mean. 

If you don't I'll have to explain it at another time.

So I'm packin, getting ready...making decisions about what was necessary and what was not. 

Necessary items being...

A poncho.

A cool camo backpack purse.

Cute clothes.

Toilet seat covers.

Say what? 

Yes my friends...I felt it absolutely necessary to take...toilet seat covers.  I mean you never know if you might have to use a port-a-potty some time and we all know those things ain't sanitary!

That little scenario right there is why I believe...

I may have been a Girl Scout in my former life. 

Having never been a Girl Scout in my present...there must be some reason I feel the need to...Be Prepared. 

Now I don't mean for obvious types of situations...I mean for any situation you can possibly think of.

Personally...I don't think there is anything entirely wrong with this.  However, it does make packing for travel somewhat stressful.  I always seem to forget that where we are going has stores that I can buy things in that...wait for it...we might desperately need. 

Stores...what stores...I must Be Prepared.  I mean really...what if Q-Tip gets a hang nail and needs it clipped off with a pair of clippers.  What if it rains and our feet get wet...I may need my rain boots.  Maybe I should buy rain boots for Q-Tip.  Do we need sunscreen lotion or spray?  I'll get both.  Finger nail polish remover? Cotton balls?


And can I just say that this little "characteristic" has gotten worse...much worse since Q-Tip's arrival.  Which is the primary reason we bought a GMC Yukon before she was born.  We needed for stuff...stuff we might need.

Once again my dear friends my former Girl Scoutness...I love making up shining through.  We are taking a little vacation to the Outer Banks next week and I have begun the packing process.

Farm Boy is already rolling his eyes yet loving me in spite of myself.  Thank heavens

I most certainly don't think there is a thing wrong with what I plan on taking so far. 

I marked off the finger nail polish for pity's sake.  I'd feel completely naked without my jewelry cleaner!   

Just kidding on the jewelry cleaner but I'm definitely not leaving my toilet seat covers!

Cause heaven help us...those things ain't sanitary!

P.S.  I don't know what the crap we're gonna do when/if we have another baby.  We're gonna have to get a Suburban.  Or else buy some kind of Duggar mobile. 

I'm so glad that Farm Boy loves me. 


  1. We used those toilet seat covers too! We're sanitary dang it cause that's how we roll!

  2. Well hail yes we used em! I'm an asset now asset! :-)

  3. Yes! We did use the covers...but not until the LAST day of the trip! The last stinkin' day! You carried those things around in your oh-so-perfect camo backpack purse the WHOLE week but we used 'em now...we did!!! Totally worth it!!!

  4. Don't forget the toilet paper. I'm just sayin'. They don't always have it, and that's necessary.

  5. I think if you're forced to get a Duggar mobile, you've officially crossed a line! Though I know what you mean - I've spent enough time in North Africa that I always carry those portable toilet paper rolls with me. And you'd be surprised at how often it comes in handy.

  6. i went to fan fair back in '05, and wished i had thought to bring toilet seat covers with me. :D

  7. I contemplated toilet paper I did...But I figured...if I were faced with the horror of no toilet paper I could always wad up a toilet seat cover and use it. Just call me a thrifty thinker! :-)

    Taylor...if you ever need any traveling advice you just come talk to me and I'll think of all those things you MIGHT need. :-)