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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Hamburger Anyone?

This wasn't really part of the plan.

I was going to write all about our North Caroline trip. 

However...I felt it extremely necessary to show you what 170 lbs of hamburger meat looks like and it had to be done today.

That's right folks...170 lbs. 

Awhile back a friend of ours...also from Oklahoma and used to having family raised beef...asked us if we wanted to go in on the purchase of a freezer beef package.  And because we are sick of having to buy it at the store...we said...heck yea!  So...we bought a half a beef from Needwood Farms in Burkittsville, Maryland. 

No...we probably didn't need to buy a whole half but we did and therefore we shouldn't have to go to the store for meat for at least a week.

Or a year.

We will probably start handing out hamburgers to the neighbors instead of cookies before it's all over with but hey...I can't complain. is important for me to tell you how much I wish my pictures were a little more descriptive.  But, Farm Boy was a little cranky and he didn't really feel it was necessary to lay it all out and take 1,000 pictures before putting it in the freezer.  And I have learned from experience that when you have butchered your own meat and it is put in the little red and white bags those bags get tears and holes in them.  And when the meat is anywhere but in the in the car for an hour and a half...blood gets all over everything so time was of the essence as well as sanitary methods.  And Q-Tip was outside the back door swinging in her toddler swing getting pushes in between pictures. 

Oh and one more thing...the deep freeze we have it in is 14.8 cubic feet.  Not huge but serves as a nice folding table for laundry...not that I ever use it for that purpose.  Sometimes we just pull from the basket as needed...but that's another post.

I believe that is all I need to say.

Here ya go...170 lbs of hamburger meat...

some steaks...

Check out the size of those babies...
(that's the big can of Spray N' Wash by the way)

and um, liver.... 

*gag*, *spit*, *gag*, *puke*....YUCK!

I have never been able to handle liver. 

Now our freezer looks like this...

 And I feel blessed!

But can I just say...the steaks are nothing but pure awesomeness for the taste buds!  SO tender and yummy.  Of course Farm Boy's special seasoning and most perfect grilling skills also attribute to the awesomeness that it is's some good meat y'all.

Now I must go and do some more catching up on my blog reading before nap time is over. 

Ta Ta

P.S.  Needwood Farms has no idea who I am or that I have a blog.  It's just good meat and I felt I needed to share the news for the greater good of all mankind. 


  1. would you air mail me one or ten of those teeny-weeny little steaks??? pleeeeeeaaaseee?

  2. Completley jealous. We're contemplating doing the same thing with friends, and really, your photos inspired. ~K

  3. Pam you should just come over for a little supper. Ribeyes at 6! :-)

    K...I recommend it. It's usually cheaper and you sort of know where your meats comin from ya know?